Zakat-funded hate speech

July 18, 2010

Naik: I can’t comment on Osama Bin Laden’s activities because “I don’t know him personally.”

How does Islamic freak Zakir Naik (the guy in the hat deceptively answering a question in the video above) fund a TV channel without commercials?  Zakat, of course!  But, but, isn’t zakat alms for the poor?  Nope, it’s money to spread Islam.  From the Weekly Blitz on July 7:

Then he [Naik] was offered US$ 28 million from various Afro-Arab sources for establishing an ‘Islamic’ television channel. This was the beginning for Zakir to become a well known name in the world, by establishing ‘Peace TV’, a 24-hour television channel promoting hate speech, Jihad and encouraging conversion of non-Muslims to Islam. According to information, Dr. Zakir Naik was able to get more than 15,000 people only in India converted into Islam just during 2007-2009. It is largely alleged that, this man was targeting mostly poor classes in the society and were getting them converted with cash incentives.

Though Peace TV continues its broadcast without any advertisement, it is learnt that, millions of dollars are contributed by Muslims in the world for continuing this Islamist channel. Most of such ‘donations’ are from Islamic Zakaat fund of the Muslims as well several Arab Sheikhs. He continued to be invited in various Muslim countries and accorded special press coverage thus giving him another platform of spreading message of hatred against other religions. So far, he has delivered more than a thousand public talks in the world.

Dr. Dr. [sic] Naik recommends the death penalty for homosexuals and for apostasy from the faith, which he likens to wartime treason. He calls for India to be ruled by the medieval tenets of Sharia law. He supports a ban on the construction of non-Muslim places of worship in Muslim lands and the Taliban’s bombing of the Bamiyan Buddhas. He says revealing clothes make Western women “more susceptible to rape.”

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  1. The Muslimeen will be victorious.
    The Mukmineen will definitely win.
    The Mujahideen must win.

    The kafireen must fall.
    The munafiqeen will surely be destroyed.
    O Allah, help the Believers.

    Make Islam win, O Allah.
    Destroy disbeliefs and hypocrisy, O Allah.
    O Allah, You are watching us all, O Allah.
    Please help us from the kafir people, O Allah,
    from the munafiq and mushrik people.
    O Allah You are the All-Knowing.
    Ameen ya Rabbal ‘Alameen…



    We are sure we are all looking forward to the month of Ramadaan, and one of the activities during this month would be to solicit Zakat funds and to give Zakat to trustworthy collectors who will use the money only according to the way prescribed in the Sharee’ah. The number of appeals and the variety of choice may be bewildering and perhaps even irritating, but paying Zakah is one of the pillars of our faith, and we have to dispense it in a way acceptable to Allah. The choice is there Al-hamdulillaah and we can look at it as a service to facilitate fulfillment of our obligation of Zakat.

    We understand the responsibility undertaken when collecting Zakat from the public to distribute it as a trust to the categories specified in the Sharee’ah. We are focused only upon some of the categories mentioned in the QUR’ÂN in Soorah Taubah 9: 60 about which there is consensus of scholars from all Schools of thought, which are as follows,

    FUQAARA {Poor}
    MASAAKEEN {Needy, Orphans, widows, e.t.c}
    AAMILEEN {those employed to administer the (funds)}
    MUAL’LIFATIQULOOBIHIM {for those whose hearts have been (recently) reconciled (to truth)}
    FIRRIQAAB {those in bondage, literally and figuratively: captives of war must be redeemed: those in bondage of ignorance or superstition or unfavorable environment should be helped to freedom to develop their own gifts}
    GHARIMEEN {those who are held in the grip of debt should be helped to economic freedom}
    FISABILILLAH {Those who are struggling and striving in Allah’s cause by teaching or fighting , who are thus unable to earn their ordinary living}
    WABNISSABEEL {Stranger stranded on the way}

    1) All these have claim to charity, they should be relieved by individual or organized effort, but in responsible way

    2) Remember there are many refugees and needy people, There are so many Muslims in the AFRIKA it self. Who are deserving of Zakat e.g., certain debt-ridden, Orphans, Widows, single-mothers, e.t.c.

    If you are not giving your Zakat to anyone personally or you wish to give to an organization, then we request you to consider us seriously before handing over your much needed charity to any well-known body and who have either large overheads or too much political uncertainties.

    Should you have friends and relatives facing a choice, then please inform them about us Jazkumullaahukhairan

    Allah, the most high said: “Those who spend their wealth by Night and Day, in secret and in public, shall have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear nor shall they Grieve.” [Baqarah: 274]

    “The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is as the likeness of a grain (of corn); it grows seven ears, and each ear is a hundred grains. Allah gives manifold increase to whom he pleases.” [Sooratul-Baqarah 2:261]

    “And whatsoever you spend of anything (in the cause of Allah), He will replace it. He is the Best of those who grants sustenance.” [Soorah Saba‘ 34:39]

    If you would like some of your wealth to be used for the above purposes Feesabilillaah then send it to Al-khairat Islamic Foundation, Here is our Bank Details;

    Our Account Name: BSIC GHANA LTD
    Our Account Numbers: IBAN Currency
    GB19 BACM 4051 3200100256 EUR
    GB29 BACM 4051 3200 100270 USD
    GB94 BACM 4051 3200 100264 GBP
    Correspondent Bank Name: British Arab Commercial Bank:
    Correspondent Bank BIC: BACMGB2L
    Beneficiary’s Bank Name: Sahel Sahara Bank
    Beneficiary’s Account Name: ALKHAIRAT ISLAMIC FOUNDATION
    Beneficiary’s Account Number: 116-104-308-7601
    My Allah guard us true this RAMADA.
    From Al-Bashir,
    Tele: +233-543-679-417

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