One million dirhams in zakat bribes

November 7, 2010

The only time zakat can be given to non-Muslims is for the purposes of paying them to convert to Islam.  Understandably, slick Muslim spokesmen in the West don’t like to advertise that because it highlights the discrimination and bribery inherent in zakat.  But occasionally you find examples such as an item in August from UAE’s The National:

ABU DHABI // One hundred new converts to Islam will each receive an equal share of Dh1 million donated by the Zakat Fund. Zakat, the third pillar of Islam, is a mandatory tax for every Muslim who is financially able to contribute. It is calculated at 2.5 per cent of financial assets, but has different rates for a variety of other sources of wealth, such as livestock and minerals.

New converts are one of eight broad categories defined as deserving recipients of zakat in Islam. “It is our duty as Muslims to encourage and support those who embrace Islam to help show them the right way of life and to encourage them [to] learn more about their religion and how to behave like real Muslims,” said Abdullah al Muhairi, the fund’s secretary general, in a statement yesterday. “Supporting those who have recently converted to Islam strengthens the feeling of brotherhood, justice and equality among Muslims,” he added.

The Zakat Fund was established in 2003 by Sheikh Zayed, the late founder of the UAE. The fund recently set a record target of Dh72million for zakat revenues in the month of Ramadan, after announcing that its revenues in the first half of 2010 had doubled compared to the same period in 2009. The fund maintains that the increase in revenues is a result of greater transparency in the handling of zakat finances.

In its own press release, the Zakat Fund said, “The newly Islam converts are one of eight categories specified by the Holy Quran and the Islamic Shari’ah to deserve being given Zakat money.”

In this manner, the Zakat Fund validates the “eight categories” of zakat recipients.  Some Islamic charities don’t like mentioning the eight categories because we know that the mujahideen count as one of those categories, but the Zakat Fund doesn’t seem concerned by that implication.

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  1. hi

    i know some of new muslims who recently converted to Islam and they are in bad finance condition, can Zakat fund help them?? if yes please do let me know imran@sn3tech.com

    i want to help them….

    • i m 23 years old guy.I have good Education.And i like to convert islam.And i like to come Abhudabi.After i can found some job contiunou my future.Please send details my mail.

  2. Converting to Islam is like trying to chop wood with the backside of an axe.
    Why would anyone want to back in time, to ignorance, group think and misery?
    That is why no significant inventions or enlightenment have occurred in Islam for hundreds of years.
    Countries afflicted with Islam live in sheer abject squalor.
    Step into the light!

    • It depends on whether the person’s conversion is tied to the positions of others and not their own free and independent thought.

  3. i converted Islam last year 2011 i just want to know what are the requirements to get aid from zakat and how can i apply for it.pls send me an email regarding this matter

    • You’ll need to look elsewhere, shehla. We don’t disburse zakat.

  4. do i get financial help if i get converted to islam.

  5. By my own faith and will, I reverted back to Islam in 2010. After awhile, I was told that new muslims can pass on some requirements to get some share from zakat funds. This was submitted in one center for new muslims. It been so long and I have become an old muslim. I never knew how many years before it is granted for new muslims. Because everytime I call to ask the center, I was just told to wait. To my surprise, I am not alone and all of us felt ignored. We hope to hear from the right contact person because we believe it is not just a publicity.

  6. Due to the fact that I dont understand what was going on in my christiandom,I decided to move into Islam last year and my family has decided not to assist or support me financially.Please if there is little help you can render let me know.

  7. Sir i am sanuber from indus…. If u can give milliom zakar to non muslim then pls give little to me…. I am a pure muslim…. Allah has shown me this website maybe so that u can help me…. I kant change my religion and lie for help or zakat….. Mw its up to u weather u will help me or not…. I dont want too much …. Just want a happy and peaceful life with my husband and son…. Allah will see what u do…. U kant bribe others to change their relegion…. Thankyou sir. Pls help me

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