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Money Jihad:  The blog combating terror finance

Aladin's Gold

While the jihadists are busy searching for riches, you’ve discovered a true treasure–Money Jihad!  This blog is dedicated to exposing how the enemies of the West finance themselves.  Here we shine a light on:

  • The funding of terrorism
  • Links between terrorist financing and sharia finance, traditional Islamic taxation, and halal foods
  • Energy independence from Middle East oil
  • Financial crime & trends

Website administrator & primary blog author A.D. Kendall, who has been blogging about terrorist financing since 2009, and is a contributing expert at Terror Finance Blog, is your fearless tour guide on your journey through the labyrinthine jihadist funding network that the mainstream media ignore!

In addition to frequent acknowledgement from well-respected blogs such as Shariah Finance Watch, Money Jihad has been linked to by the Wall Street Journal , National Review Online, and Foreign Policy.


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