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Publishers, editors profit from Taliban poems

May 27, 2012

London’s C. Hurst & Co. Publishers Ltd. and co-editors Felix Kuehn, Faisal Devji, and Alex Strick van Linschoten are profiting from the publication of a new anthology of poetry by the Taliban.  Kuehn says the poems provide “a different window” to “understand the Taliban better,” van Linschoten says “the poetry shows that the Taliban are people just like we are,” and the co-editors say that the poems “provide a fascinating insight into the minds and hearts of these deeply emotional people.”

True, it’s worth examining all the statements of Taliban members, but their poems should not be embraced for showing the supposed humanity of the Taliban.  The Taliban are not people just like we are—they are people very far different from what we are.

Here’s one of the great “human” poems from a Taliban soldier, as read aloud during a BBC 4 broadcast:

The editors and publishers should do nothing less than donate 100 percent of the profits to British war veterans.


Said the Alligator King to His Muslim Friends

September 3, 2010

Remember this Sesame Street classic?

(Keep that tune in mind as you read the below.)

Said the mayor of New York
To his seven friends
I’m feeling kinda lost
Whatever you can do to cheer me up
I’ll defend you at any cost.

Imam Rauf proposed a mosque
At Ground Zero’s coat factory
John Liu offered special financing
To make it all tax-free.

Sharif el-Gamal never met a tax
That he didn’t try to dodge
So Rauf knew that he’d found his match
To build the site for a New World hajj

Barzinji said, “I like Rauf’s style
And how he covers for Hamas,
So stick with me and I’ll show you how
I built Al-Hijrah mosque.”

Hisham Elzanaty said “Count me in
Holy Land Foundation’s gone
So I’ve got some extra cash to burn
To show the triumph of Islam

Speaker Pelosi woke up one day
With an idea in her head
To skip Rauf & investigate
Families of the 9/11 dead.

Barack Obama called his Muslim pals
For a fancy iftar feast
It’s time to Islamize New York
So we can all bow to the East.

Bloomberg said to old Barack,
“Do me one more favor please
Call off the dogs who want to know
Where this dog gets its fleas.”


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