JMB revenues: zakat, ushr, and counterfeiting

October 25, 2009

The Daily Star reports that the jihadist organization, Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), is using money to encourage recruits to join or remain as JMB members.  The whole article is here, but the most interesting part is this fairly candid description of JMB revenue sources:

The change in the JMB’s recruitment strategy has increased the organisation’s overall expenditure, the official said adding that alongside JMB’s traditional source of income, a few NGOs and charity organisations are suspected to be providing funds to JMB.

“We’ve already got primary information about three to four such NGOs and charity organisations and are trying to get evidences against them,” a senior Rab intelligence official told The Daily Star wishing anonymity.

He, however, would not give the names of those NGOs and charity organisations before the investigation is over.

The traditional sources of JMB funding are its members’ contribution, Usl (zakat on harvested crops), Zakat, Fitra, leather of sacrificial cattle and contribution of local and foreign supporter and well-wishers.

Besides, counterfeiting of currencies, particularly Indian rupees and US dollars, is also a source of money. JMB also owns some taxicabs and rickshaws from where some more fund is generated, said sources in the law enforcing agencies.

Remember that the “charity organisations,” named are just funneling zakat.  The word Fitra used here refers to zakat or sadaqa paid at the end of Ramadan.  As for the counterfeiting, it is no surprise that the JMB would counterfeit “kaffir” money, especially when the jihadists view fiat or paper currencies as illegitimate in the first place.

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