NEFA highlights funding strategies of jihad cell

November 4, 2009

North Carolina jihadist cell organizer Daniel Patrick Boyd, who was indicted this summer for conspiracy to support terrorism and on other charges, had money on his mind…


Daniel Boyd, your local jihad financier

A new eye-catching presentation from the NEFA Foundation highlights some telling comments from the accused:

According to DOJ, “It was a part of the consipiracy to raise money to support the defendants’ efforts in training and provision of personnel, and to disguise the destination of such moneys from the donors.

An FBI summary of a recorded May 2009 conversation between Boyd and a witness states:  “Boyd states that the fact of the matter is, is that these dope boys [drug dealers], they be carrying a lot of money.  Boyd states that they should snatch it from them and use it for the ‘sake of Allah.’…If you take it, send it to the muhahidin…He wants ten grand and up.”

During the same conversation, Boyd discusses robbing banks to fund jihad and strike the “corrupt society”:  “Hitting the Wells Fargo trucks and banks, that money is insured.  They have to pay the people who had the money.  Those people don’t get hurt.  The banks get hurt and the banking system is the main ammunition for the Kuffar…you get in and out of a bank in 3 minutes or less, that’s a good deal.  You get in and out in 2 minutes or less, some of the cops can’t even react.”

Authorities also found $13,000 in cash in Boyd’s house.  Guess he can’t trust a “Kuffar bank” (see Koran 3:68).

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