Media whitewash hawala in Italy

November 22, 2009

As the investigation of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks expands throughout the planet, Italy has arrested two men involved with financing the attacks.  A Pakistani father and son who ran a “money transfer agency” are accused of transferring money to the 26/11 assailants the day before the attacks began.

Newspaper accounts (AP, Agence France-Presse, The Times), briefly summarize the arrests, briefly reference the Mumbai connection, and refer to the problem as “concealment” or “fraud.”

But they have all left out the obvious nexus between this “money transfer agency” and hawala, the Islamic system of debt transfers.

The hawala system was built from the teachings of Muhammad, who encouraged the timely payment of debts by using third-party payers (who may or may not be known to the original borrower or lender).  The opaque global system that developed from Islam has made terrorist financing difficult to detect throughout the Muslim world today.

Only The Hindu even gets close to explaining how the father & son carried actually out their work in this article:

Pakistani nationals Mohammad Yaqub Janijua and his son aren’t jihadists. Neither of them, as far as anyone knows, ever held a gun or recruited operatives. Indeed, intelligence sources in New Delhi told The Hindu, it was not certain whether they were aware that the money they wired to the United States a day before last year’s tragic attacks in Mumbai was linked to terrorism.

But their business, the Madina Trading Corporation, was willing to make international wire-transfer payments without demanding identification papers — an illegal but commonplace practice that serves not just terrorists but also illegal immigrants without travel documents and businesses seeking to evade taxes.

Gee, where would they have gotten the idea to transfer money without identification papers?  That would be from the Hadith (Sahih Bukhari, 3.37.488h), which said Allah is a sufficient witness for a loan, and Allah is sufficient surety, and that money transfers help keep Muslims on the right path.

But even The Hindu felt the need to insert their editorial comment that Mohammad Yaqub Janijua and his son “aren’t jihadists.”  Even though their company is called the Madina [Medina] Trading Corporation, and their clients were jihadists, and they followed Muhammad’s business model of money transfers to fund terror against Dar al-Harb.  Right—no jihad here, nothing to see, just move along.

These two men are hawaladars (Muslim money traders) who knowingly maintained weak financial controls in a world of jihad-dollars floating from terrorist-to-terrorist, yet somehow they are completely unaware that their business supported jihadist terror?  Well, if you only read the Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, and The Times, then that makes perfect sense.

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