Jihadists demand their Koranic cut

November 25, 2009

Pakistan, a country that already has a fully Islamized tax system, isn’t done placating jihadist notions of Islamic public revenues just yet.  Now “insurgent” jihadists in Baluchistan are demanding a share of oil and mineral profits based on rates invented by Muhammad.  From Bloomberg:

Nov. 24 (Bloomberg) — Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani invited insurgents in the country’s oil- and gas- rich southwest Baluchistan province for talks as he announced in Parliament a new package to end the fighting.

“The government hopes the proposed economic, political and constitutional reforms package will end deprivation of the people of the province,” Gilani said in the capital, Islamabad. He asked lawmakers to debate and approve the proposals soon.

Pakistan’s government says the insurgency in Baluchistan, which accounts for 44 percent of the country’s area, is backed and fueled by neighboring India and groups in Afghanistan. India denies the charge. The province produces a quarter of Pakistan’s natural gas output.

The Baluch group of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, a tribal leader killed in an operation by security forces in 2006, says it’s fighting for rights for local people, including royalties from the minerals and fuels discovered in the province.

This article didn’t specify the amount, but as soon as I read the sentence above, I thought to myself, “I bet it’s 20 percent.”  And guess what their cut really is?

Bingo!  Twenty percent.  Gosh, AD, you must be a genius or clairvoyant!

Nope, it’s just that I’ve read the Hadith, including the Sahih Bukhari 2.24.575, which says, “Khumus is compulsory on Rikaz.”  Khumus means one-fifth.  Rikaz means buried treasure (whether it’s a pirate’s chest or oil & minerals). 

To confirm my suspicions, I found the unsurprising details of the proposed Baluchistan arrangement in this Associated Press of Pakistan article:

27. Ownership in oil and gas companies: In Organizations such as PPL, OGDCL and Sui Southern the Province will be able to purchase up to 20% of the right shares when offered in the open market.

28. Sandak Project: The Federal Government from its 30% shares in the project will immediately give 20% to the Province. On completion of the project and when the foreign company withdraws the project shall be owned exclusively by the Province.

In the context of the Hadith, the khumus on oil is considered a type of zakat.  As documented in Part I of our zakat series, zakat collections may be spent on jihad in accordance with the Koran 9:60.

Jihadists demand the portion of oil and mineral zakat mandated by Islamic law, the “secular” Pakistani leadership agrees, the revenues will be funneled back into jihad, and Bloomberg doesn’t even use the word “Islam” once in its whole article.  Sigh.

But if this blog post helps put the Baluchistan news in its proper context, Money Jihad has served its purpose today. AGU5VA5JYFPN

One comment

  1. “purchase up to 20% of the right shares when offered in the open market.” stock market shares are in themselves incompatible with Islamic law, given the nature of “limited liability” of listed companies (forbidden in Islam), the possibility of hostile takeovers (against Quranic injunctions of trade only permissible by “mutual consent”), apart from the vagaries of trade on the secondary market (i’m not convinced that the “rights to profits” can be sold at a profit/loss). so it seems to me these militants are very selective in upholding Islamic law even pertaining to economics.

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