Funding slavery & terror: Part II

December 19, 2009

What are the financial ties between terrorism and human trafficking? 

One link is that jihadists pay human traffickers to help move people into the West.  A report from the Jamestown Foundation suggests that the transnational organization Mara Salvatrucha, “are a violent gang with no allegiance to any country or cause except their gang. As they control the rail lines through Mexico, terrorists wishing to use the trains as a way of entering the U.S. would have to do via the Mara Salvatrucha.”  The gang is also known to “extort sexual favors or money from the illegal immigrants in order to allow them to board the empty freight cars.”

Jihadist militants may also seek the services of human traffickers to help fill their own ranks.  There are recent cases of child-snatching by traffickers to train the children to fight as Islamic militants:

INDIAN authorities have claimed that a woman suspected of being a recruiter for Pakistan’s most powerful spy service had taken youths from the sub-continent to Malaysia for preliminary training in terrorism.

The authorities in various newspaper reports named the agency as the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan.

The reports quoting police sources said the woman was allegedly involved in the trafficking of young men from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh by luring them with jobs to Malaysia and other countries and later involving them in militant activities.

One report estimated the woman had sent 250 people, including girls, with fake visas to various countries including Turkey and Malaysia.

The suspect has been identified as Jyoti Rana, alias Mehrunnisa, alias Nisha Sharma, 37, who is wanted in India for visa forgery and human trafficking.

Another recommended reference is this stunning documentary called “Children of Terror” over at KitmanTV about orphans forced into jihad.

Apart from direct human trafficker and terrorist cooperation, there are cases of common third party supporters.  Namely, criminals with no moral concerns about slavery or jihad are happy to provide illicit services for pay such as passport forgery to either party.  This recent news story about fake passports show that some forgerers serve all comers:  human traffickers, jihadists, whoever.

The symbiotic relationship between terror and trafficking means that a good way to limit money getting into the hands of human traffickers is to limit money getting into the hands of terrorists in the first place. 

Tomorrow we’ll look at anti-money laundering measures that help restrict  both.

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