Ten most revealing terror funding stories of 2009

December 31, 2009

If the FBI can do a top ten list of terror in 2009, we can come up with a list too!  Money Jihad selected these ten stories because they help expose the threat of jihadist financing in 2009 the best.

10.  Zakat funds jihad:  Candor alert—the leader of jihadists in the Caucasus let the cat out of the bag by admitting that most of his groups funding comes from forced zakat collections from the local populace.  Oops, or was it Muhammad that let that cat out centuries ago?  (And yes, this story also made my top 10 list of zakat scandals in the past five years.)

9.  WMD risks mount:  The Brits predicted that more money, more technology, and more mobility would lead to an increased threat of dirty bombs & illicit materials being used against us.  Najibullah Zazi and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab are proving them right.

8.  President is zakat enabler?  Despite ample warnings of the dangers of modern zakat-giving, including the funding of the 9/11 terrorist attacks through zakat, Pres. Obama promised in Cairo to help Muslims fulfill their zakat obligations.

7.  Abysmal zakat accounting throughout the year as documented in the short history of this blog here, here, and here.  Why is this a problem?  If you don’t really know where zakat is going, then you don’t really know where zakat is going.

6.  Palestinian aid scandal:  United Nations humanitarian “aid” to “Palestinian refugees” is revealed to give “services to people who simply don’t need the charity, and many are not refugees, and some are not even Palestinians” and even to use medical aid for military purposes.  This fiasco serves as a perfect case study in what Islamic fundamentalists do with “charity”—they funnel it into holy war.

5.  Jizya lives in Pakistan.  In accordance with the Hadith, Non-Muslims who wouldn’t pay the jizya (and even some who did), faced the ransack or eviction from their property, or even death.  The facts were so disturbing that even the accommodating U.S. State Department was forced to condemn Pakistan in its annual religious freedom report.

4.  Philippine ransom spree & beheading bloodbath.  Abu Sayyaf beheads those who won’t pay or can’t afford ransom payments as authorized by the Koran.

3.  Bin Laden calls for al Jihad bi-al-Mal.  That means “money jihad” or financial holy war, and includes most of the problems we address here on this blog.  Bin Laden has been echoed by Iraqi dead-enders and jihadist bloggers around the world this year who are desperate for a financial rebound.

2.  Iranian nuke funding setback?  After years of delay that certainly helped give the Iranians more time to fund their nuclear efforts, federal authorities finally move against the Alavi Foundation.  Will our willful reluctance to have acted more swiftly come back to haunt us in 2010?

1.  The Taliban revenue rocket…Despite efforts to downplay it, Taliban revenues have surged.  If you were a jihadist with an MBA, and you had the opportunity to work for any Islamist organization in the world in 2009, you would chose the Taliban.  They enjoy a broad revenue basis of zakat payments (from wealthy Persian Gulf donors), ushr payments (forced from Afghani poppy farmers), ransom payments (from Pakistani cohorts), and even quasi-jizya payments from NATO allies to buy peace in certain neighborhoods.  This revenue framework resembles the Bayt al-Mal, or Islamic treasury of the original caliphs, more closely than any other state or organization in the world today.

Taliban financial strength is all the more troubling when we have telegraphed a withdrawal from Afghanistan in 18 months.  We may not hear much in 2010 as the Taliban low-crawl into the tall grass to wait us out.  But with money in the bank that will let them bide their time until we depart, 2011 may be another big “boom” year.

The common thread of course, whether it’s the zakat, the jizya, ransoms, ushr—all these concepts are firmly established within Islamic law, and its radical adherents will continue to go to extreme lengths to wage holy war, including the money jihad, against the West.  The first step is exposing these concepts more thoroughly and in the proper context.  Our task for 2010, and I feel a personal responsibility through the platform of this blog, will be to help identify new ways to counter them.

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