Little economic freedom in Muslim countries

January 25, 2010

The Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal have just published their 2010 Index of Economic Freedom.  Of the 41 majority-Muslim countries rated, 29 were designated poorly as either “mostly unfree” or “repressed.”

Eleven Muslim countries were deemed “moderately free,” and Bahrain, the highest rated Muslim country at #13, was the only one of the lot ranking “mostly free.”  Iran, Turkmenistan, and Libya ranked among the bottom dozen.

I filtered and sorted the index data to show you the index’s ranking for each Muslim nation:

13            Bahrain

39            Qatar

42            Kuwait

43            Oman

46            United Arab Emirates

52            Jordan

53            Albania

59            Malaysia

65            Saudi Arabia

67            Turkey

80            Kyrgyzstan

82            Kazakhstan

89            Lebanon

90            Burkina Faso

91            Morocco

94            Egypt

95            Tunisia

96            Azerbaijan

105            Algeria

106            Nigeria

112            Mali

114            Indonesia

117            Pakistan

118            The Gambia

119            Senegal

121            Yemen

128            Tajikistan

129            Niger

133            Mauritania

134            Guinea

137            Bangladesh

139            Djibouti

145            Syria

148            Maldives

157            Sierra Leone

158            Uzbekistan

159            Chad

165            Comoros

168            Iran

171            Turkmenistan

173            Libya

Afghanistan, Brunei, Iraq, Somalia, and the Sudan were not ranked.

Notice that Iran, a massive oil power and a hub for sharia finance worldwide, ranks among the most economically repressed nations.  All that wealth and supposedly “ethical” banking system has deposited Iran firmly near the bottom of world financial freedom.

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