IIRO returns to Bangladesh

March 2, 2010

The International Islamic Relief Organization, whose zakat and waqf projects have helped feul jihad around the world by funding Wahhabist indoctrination at orphanages, schools, and mosques, is said to have been effectively “controlled” in recent years.

The recent Forbes article about Al Qaeda finances pointed toward Saudi progress such as freezing the assets of Abd al Hamid al Mujil, a former executive director of an IIRO branch, who is also an associate of Osama bin Laden and Khalid Sheikh Muhammad.  Forbes also reports that the Saudi government is “restricting the transfer of IIRO funds outside of the kingdom.”

Saudi effectiveness gained more credibility in February when Bangladesh announced it would allow the IIRO to operate there again.  Bangladesh had banned the IIRO several years ago over it’s failure to disclose bank information and intelligence warnings by the American embassy.

(At the same time, the U.K.-based charity known as Islamic Relief, which is different from the IIRO, is leaving Bangladesh due to a “lack of government support” according to IRIN on Feb. 25.)

Will IIRO fill the humanitarian void in Bangladesh?  Let’s hope not.  Bangladesh is a poor nation with a surging jihadist population.  The presence of the IIRO indoctrinating poor refugees in the tenets of radical Wahhabi Islam would not bode well for the long-term stability of Bangladesh.

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