Surprise move by faceless UN bureaucrats

March 21, 2010

Without any explanation, the United Nations has unfrozen the assets of Youssef Nada and taken him off their terror finance listing.  There was no transparency, no public vote, and no public input allowed before a decision was reached.  From Newsweek’s “Declassified” blog:

The U.N. Security Council has quietly dropped Youssef Nada, a prominent financial and diplomatic representative of the Muslim Brotherhood, from an international sanctions list directed at curbing the activities of alleged terrorist financiers. The delisting of Nada, by the Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee, was announced by this official notice posted on the Security Council’s Web site. In addition to Nada himself, the notice declares that two businesses associated with him, Waldenberg AG of Liechtenstein and Youssef M. Nada & Co. GMBH of Vienna, also have been removed from the U.N. sanctions list.

The Security Council’s announcement does not explain why the council decided to drop financial sanctions against Nada and his companies—sanctions intended to curb their ability to conduct financial activities anywhere in the world. But Victor Comras, a former adviser on financial sanctions to the U.S. State Department and, later, an adviser to the committee that produced the sanctions lists, says he find the U.N. action troubling. “To my mind this is a great mistake. I’m kind of mystified by it,” Comras told Declassified. When Nada was put on the U.N. sanctions list, it was done with great public fanfare, Comras said. But when the U.N. decided to take his name off, it was done with a minimum of public discussion…

Read the rest of the story here.


One comment

  1. >>In an e-mail, Comras added: “Even though Nada may no longer be involved in funding Al Qaeda, he has made it clear a number of times that he will continue as a major financial supporter of Hamas . . .

    is UN crazy ? Egyptian branch of Muslim Brotherhood is Al-Queda, and Palestinan branch of Muslim Brotherhood is Hamas … now with a porus border, from where one can smuggle Goats, Cows, Cars, rockets and not to mention fake-n-real currency notes… does UN really think that no fund is going to al-queda ?

    beside Hamas is a terror identity too !! so terror funding rules are still applicable.

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