Treasury freezes this goon’s ass(ets)

March 26, 2010

Who, lil ole' me?

Hopefully none of you has a business deal in the works with this totally innocent, not-at-all creepy looking Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) associate.  Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI) Undersecretary Stuart Leavey has designated the man, Muthanna Harith al-Dari, as a terrorist financier.  It is now illegal for any American or U.S. business to deal with him, and American banks must freeze any accounts he may hold with them.

The UN has joined in the designation through the authority of its Resolution 1267.

The Treasury Department’s statement indicated that, “As of October 2008, al-Dari provided $1 million to an AQI member who actively recruits Iraqis in Syria and al-Anbar province to support AQI, instructing the recruiter to tell new AQI recruits that they would be paid up to $10,000 upon completion of their training in Syria.”

Wow–a $10,000 graduation bonus?  Not bad.  Especially compared to Afghanistan where “$10-a-day Taliban” are recruited with far smaller promises.  Notice that al-Dari only told them to tell them they’d get $10,000–not that they actually paid it.

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