Jizya fan fiction

April 25, 2010

In yet another example of “moderate” Muslims defending the jizya (this time in detail), an Apr. 8 blog post over at Wisdom to ISLAM poses the question, “Does Jizya verse 9:29 of Quran invite Muslims to violence?: commentary on Islamic Jizya state tax.”

Their post is a lengthy defense of the jizya, and the author asks readers and critics of the jizya to “be patient enough and read this article to the end.”

Unfortunately, reading the blog post to the end does not make the jizya any easier to swallow.  The blogger is a little less glib than most jizya supporters, and thankfully he doesn’t trot out the old lie about jizya being less than the zakat.  Instead, WisdomtoISLAM provides eight primary explanations to defend jizya.  But each explanation is either utterly fictitious or problematic… here’s why.  (Direct quotes from WisdomtoISLAM’s post appear below in red italics.)

1. Jizya (Jizah) is not unique in Islam, its equivalent exists even in Bible.

Wrong.  Their “evidence” for jizya in the Bible is Deuteronomy 20:10-15, which says that if going into battle, the Hebrews should first offer their enemies peace, if the enemies agree they shall forced into labor for the Hebrews, and if they resist the Hebrews should besiege them.

However, Deuteronomy 20:17 limits the enemies in this chapter of the Bible to the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites—specific groups of enemies at specific moments in time.  Although apologists for the Koran say that the jizya was meant to apply to certain clans in Arabia, nothing in the actual text of the Koran limits the jizya to a specific group.  The jizya applies against all the “unbelieving” People of the Book—Jews and Christians.

It should also be noted that Deuteronomy does not say anything about conversions to Judaism or perpetual poll taxes against non-Jews.  Moreover, the jizya is currently imposed around the world by Muslims against Catholics in the Philippines, against Sikhs in Pakistan, against Christians in Iraq, and against Jews in Yemen.  Nowhere in the world is there any Deuteronomy-based tax being imposed by Jews or Christians against Muslims.

2. Not paying Jizya (Jizyah) is the condition for using force.

Agreed!  That’s the problem.  If non-Muslims living within Muslim territory don’t pay the jizya, Muslims are enjoined to fight them.  The Koran and Hadith offer no exemptions, no waivers, no forbearance from the jizya for non-Muslims trapped in the Islamic world.

3. Verse 9:29 of Quran does not ask Muslims to do forceful conversions.

Right—that comes from other parts of Islamic law!  The Sahih Muslim, one of the most venerated texts of all Islam contains this passage:

When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these, you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them…  If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them.  (Book 19, Number 4294.)

That passage is where Muslims got the idea to convert non-Muslims to Islam, force them to pay the jizya, or fight and ultimately kill them.  Opponents of jizya and dhimmitude do not base their criticism solely on Koran 9:29.

4. Quran never commands killing disbelievers just because they disbeliever.

Actually, that’s exactly what the Koran commands in 9:5 (just a few lines over from the one we’re looking at) which says, “slay the Pagans wherever ye find them.”

5. Jizyah is not a ransom or a terrible proposition.

Okay.  In that case, if we Christians and Jews actually imposed a tax against Muslims on the flimsy basis of your distorted reading of Deuteronomy, that wouldn’t be such a “terrible proposition” and you would have “no problem in paying”?

6. Jizyah gives non-Muslims benefits that Muslims do not get.

Then WisdomtoISLAM explains that non-Muslims get the “benefit” of the protection of the Muslim state—a common defense among the pro-jizya crowd.  Muslims do receive the benefit of the protection of the Muslim state, so saying non-Muslims get some “special benefit” is absurd.

Also, is it really a special benefit to be forced to hide your crosses, to worship in secret, to have limitations on where churches and synagogues can be built, to be unable to bear arms for personal defense, and to be unable to testify as a witness at trial?  Those are the limitations against Christians and Jews in Muslim lands.  Are those the special “benefits” to which you refer?

7. Every authentic translation of Quran has the word “until” or “till” for verse 9:29. WisdomtoIslam’s point here is that once the jizya is paid, then the non-Muslim can go about his business freely.

But you see, the jizya is not a one-time payment.  It is an annual, recurring requirement (and in that sense it is somewhat comparable to zakat which is due yearly).  Non-Muslims are never really free to go about their business under a caliphate.

7. Quranic impression of Fighting is not always physical.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, isn’t this the second #7?  Why yes, it is!  Maybe it doesn’t really count since that statement doesn’t make any sense anyway.  If violence in the Koran isn’t meant to be physical, does that mean that we can pay the jizya through words and through our hearts rather than physically?

8.  The Quran is against Oppression, war and promotes peace.

Unfortunately, the more peaceful, inclusive verses of the Koran were “revealed” to Muhammad early on.  Those verses were abrogated by subsequent, more violent revelations.  Serious Islamic clerics agree on this point.

The jizya is a repugnant, discriminatory tax.  Defending the jizya is an exercise in blind submission to an ideology of hate.  The following question is the simplest way to test the jizya sympathizers:  if we made you pay it, would you still think it’s fair?


  1. Thanks for your comment on WisdomtoIslam.

    Unfortunately, you either did not read the post carefully enough or you are entirely fixated onto proving the Quran wrong that you cannot possibly see otherwise.

    I did read your critical post and with God’s will and His help I will respond to it very soon; I will either write another post or simply a comment on your article.

    Peace to you.

  2. As mentioned before almost all of your critical argument is flawed.

    I have written a response post to you critique.

    Please visit here.

    May God guides us all closer to the Truth!

    • I did read your post “carefully.” That’s why I was able to refute your distortions of the Bible and expose your hypocrisy over whether you’d be willing to pay a Christian or Jewish poll tax.

      I’ve also read your eight-part response to which I’d make these points:

      1. 1. The reason Jews and Christians don’t impose a jizya against non-Muslims isn’t because we lack faith, it’s because our faith doesn’t command it. Imposing tribute after a military defeat based on land is different from imposing a recurring poll tax on the basis of religious belief.
      2. 2. If Jews are treated so well under Islam, why is the Jewish population plunging in the Middle East?
      3. 3. Chapter 20 of Deuteronomy is about winning specific land (Israelite land), and not about religious conversions. God never told the Jewish people to foist Judaism on the world.
      4. 4. “Asylum” in 9:6 is granted for the purposes of converting the asylum-seeker to Islam. It’s not asylum with religious freedom.
      5. 5. Oh, you’ve dodged the question about whether you would pay a Christian jizya and dismiss it as “irrelevant.” Got it.
      6. 6. Why should non-Muslims fight and die in behalf of a Muslim state? It would be similar to forcing slaves in the 1800s in the American South to fight for the Confederacy. People should not have to fight in a war that, if won, prolongs their own subjugation.
      7. 7. You still haven’t produced any Biblical scripture authorizing a poll tax on the basis of religion.
      8. 8. Love thy neighbor.

  3. 1 – Answer

    That is your own flawed interpretation; I have already shown you that your authority to “faith” – your scripture – actually does command a physical or financial ransom equivalent to Jizya, whether you want to put a name to it by calling it “Jizya” or not. Sure, you might regard it as “different from imposing a recurring poll tax”, but is it actually better? Is it better to enslaved nations under “tribute after military defeat”, i.e. Deut. 20, or have them pay taxes under a different name (i.e. Jizya) similar to what the Muslims pay (i.e. Zakka)

    2 – Answer:

    Are you suggesting that the Jews are dying as a result of bad treatment?

    Or are you suggesting that they are relocating?

    Attributing the decline in the Jewish population to Jizya or bad treatment is illogical. The Jewish population in Europe and many other parts of the world have also been declining to a much greater degree, and of course not because of bad treatment.

    There are numerous contributing factors, most important of which is the mass migration to a new “Jewish” state on a stolen land called “Israel”, which most often is being subsidized by powerful western corporations, and the Israeli government compensates for the traveling costs and provides extremely cheap or free housings to its immigrants; notably across the illegal settlements on the Palestinian occupied territories (both within and outside the 1967 borders).

    This has encouraged many Jews around the world living under (surely) less convenient conditions to accept the burden of migration, leaving their previously long lived history in the existing lands and accepting the Israeli incentives. By having to adhering to the old and proven Machiavellian Theory, the Israeli government is able to justify its occupation and stronghold on the occupied territories while increasingly populating a stolen land. (That is why were are seening a rare Jewish and Christian alliance, unparalleled and unheard of through out history, massively funded and encouraged by the Zionist whose are benefiting greatly from occupying the Palestinian lands)

    Moreover, this helps to counter the lower birthrates amongst “modern” Jews living in Israel than those of the Palestinians living under dreadful conditions in the nearby refuge camps often less than a few miles away. Higher Palestinian population than that of Israel is Israel’s worst nightmare against the idea of a “Jewish State”, that this why we are witnessing massive ad campaigns around the word to encouraging Jewish immigration as well as extreme injustice to repel the Palestinians by arming regular Jewish citizenry or setting the Palestinian farms on fire while destroying their homes with bulldozers and massacre of the remaining population on almost routine bases. All to promote the newly founded “Zionist” ideology and “The right of Return” towards establishing a police state within the middle east region and the most crucial and strategic location in the world.

    In spite of all the propaganda and incentives offered, we still see a much lower Jewish immigration living under Islamic states than those living in Europe and America. For reference see the chart at the bottom of this page:


    I strongly recommend you watch this short documentary, God willing, it may open your eyes on some issues:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  4. Continued:

    3. Answer

    Firstly, It was not about “winning” specific land, the invaded people at the time would probably label as “stealing” a land (and you are perfectly fine with that right?). But I also believe that at the time, God did give the land to the Jews and the upper hand (precisely through Deu. 20), because its existing inhabitants were corrupt and mischief makers through the land, however, after what most of them did to their Messiah, they have been and are forbidden to the claim authority to any land until he, Jesus (pbuh), does return and gathers the true believers (Muslims, “Jews” and Christians”) in peace.

    Furthermore, I already explained this in my article; you are only repeating your argument which was previously stated and answered. Read the answer to heading # 1 part b)

    4. Answer:

    Again I explained this already, but I will go over it quickly again. If a person converts then there is no need for “asylum” – Islam has always been open to this – just as many other previously pagan Arabs who converted “willingly”. Your proposition defeats the purpose of asylum. The Quran alludes to the choice of conversion in numerous places. In these cases the person(s) is considered a Muslim, can live within the Muslim community (of course pays his Zakka) and does not need to be escorted to “where he can be secure”.

    5- Answer:

    Actually I did not dodge it. I thought my explanation was thorough enough and clear enough to prove to you that I would NOT have any problem paying taxes under a different name. But, as I mentioned before, the problem is that most Christian “professing” countries are not religiously governed; they are secular. It seems that separation of church and state has become the norm and even accepted by religious individuals, even though, the movement and the message of every prophet of God, including Moses and Jesus (pubt) was convincingly a political and a social one.

    6- Answer:

    I think you should review a few examples of communities (both large and small) that have fallen under foreign attacks, over the past 2000 years. When communities were attacked, the attackers would almost never distinguish between a “Jew”, a “Christian” or a Muslim (regular people did not have a religious badge on their shirts identifying them as such). Most often as in the case of the Mongol invasion and the Crusaders they would plunder everything on their way and kill mercilessly. In such cases people would unite, regardless of their faith, to protect their land, their trees, their ancestral cemeteries, they dignity, their children and of course their lives.

    Or in other cases the Islamic state would not require the religious minority to join the defending armies, or the ones who would be dispatched for helping the neighboring cities. (I believe religious minorities are still exempted from joining the military in some Islamic states)

    In cases of both the Crusades and Mongol invasion, this was evidently what happened. Although the communities were governed under the Islamic rule, people from every sect would join the state to defend the community and their city, even though they were not required to.

    Moreover, this was true during smaller conflicts as in the case of caravan thieves, thugs and violent gangs, who by no means would intent to attack the ruling state but mostly the regular citizenry.

    7- Answer:

    Whether you want to accept it or not, there’s convincing scripture there to authorize slavery and/or tribunal taxes.

    8- “Love thy neighbor.”

    Love all, every human being. Feel for your human kind who has lost his land under the new ideology of “Zionism” not “Judaism”, the kids who are fighting ruthless military invasions with stones in their hands, and then are labeled as the “terrorist”. Feel for those who are oppressed, who have been wronged, feel for those children who do not even know they are Afghani or Iraqi before they are bombed by planes and tanks sent to their land halfway around the world, by countries whose majority of their citizens claim to adhere to the teachings of Jesus (pbuh) whose words are frequently uttered by the same people in “Love your enemy”.

    Feel for the Blacks who suffered 400 years of slavery, torture and subjugation. Feel for the Indians who were colonized for over 500 years. Feel for the North American Aboriginal’s who were almost driven to extinction by people who landed there and put their flags down to only claim it as their own. Feel for the South American’s who are and have been losing their massive resources to corporations and military dominance initiated from countries who claim to be the followers of Jesus (pubh).

    Let those fight in the cause of Allah Who sell the life of this world for the hereafter. To him who fighteth in the cause of Allah,- whether he is slain or gets victory – Soon shall We give him a reward of great (value). (Quran: 4:74)

    And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)?- Men, women, and children, whose cry is: “Our Lord! Rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from thee one who will protect; and raise for us from thee one who will help!” (Quran 4:75)

    Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who reject Faith Fight in the cause of Evil: So fight ye against the friends of Satan: feeble indeed is the cunning of Satan. (Quran 4:76)


    I probably will never meet you and you will never meet me, but I sincerely suggest that you read the Quran, with an open heart, study its proofs before you judge its rules, save yourself from the great punishment of the eternal life. The Quran has more than enough evidences to prove to you that it is word for word and letter for letter from the one who is eternal, the one who created you and I. It is only then that you will begin to truly understand it.

    Even if you were to follow the Bible (which most “Christians” (those who follow Christ) and “Jew” (descendants of the tribe of Judah) do not) you would be let to Islam (Submission to God in peace), a Muslim (one who submits to God in peace), arguably the religion of Moses and Jesus and all prophets of God (pbut).


    May God guides us close to the truth.

    • “Tribute” has been practiced throughout the history of the world, especially in antiquity but in modern times too. It is a levy by the military victor over the defeated. Often it’s levied against a community. The community will come up with the money the victor demands.

      A poll tax, on the other hand, is an individual burden. It’s a tax on individual persons–a “head” tax.

      The verses in Deuteronomy that you are still trying to distort are not about a perpetual tax imposed on “pagans.” Most translations of the verse in question don’t even use the word “tribute.” But assuming the verse mandates tribute, that is a more circumscribed tax against a military loser (not against a religious minority living among you), and that’s still a far cry from an eternal, discriminatory tax based on religion.

      …Now a comment for the other readers of this blog. The problem we face is that is that Muslims such as WtI see nothing wrong or unfair about the jizya. They fail to see how unique the jizya is in the history of world taxation.

      As WtI has pointed out, there are many taxes that most of us hate. But in the West, we believe in the principle of taxation with the just consent of the governed. We have it within our power through our elected officials to create, abolish, or adjust any tax.

      Under Islam, however, the taxes are fixed and immutable. If the ushr tax against Muslim farmers ruins agriculture in the Middle East and Pakistan, too bad. Their farmers will just have to suffer under the ushr because Muhammad thought it was a good idea back in the 600s. Think the Hadith’s obsession with the zakat on camel wealth is utterly unsuited to any place but rural Arabia? Too bad–it can’t be changed. You think the jizya is barbaric? To bad–it seemed like a good idea to Muhammad 14 centuries ago. No vote. No full freedom of worship. Perpetual taxes against people they regard as “infidels.”

      Thanks WisdomtoIslam for demonstrating just how differently Muslims look at the world. Your perspective helps illustrate just how irreconcilable Islam is with the U.S. Constitution and Western political and religious traditions.

  5. Salam,

    You should realize by now that Islam is not simply a religion but a complete way of life, it is total submission to the Will of the Everlasting, Supreme and One Creator (Alone).

    It is a civilization in its own class that has no parallel in history! A civilization where its citizens and its communities have a responsibility towards one another. Irrespective of race, gender or social status.

    Making ridiculous statements of how farmers will suffer and addressing our beloved Prophet in such a carelessly and irresponsible manner clearly indicates your hostility towards Muslims. I’ll advice you to be doubly objective when you study Islam, it will do you much go… if you are truthful.

    To the issue of Zakkah and Jizyah, I’ll clarify, hopefully you may understand.

    Zakkah is one of the 5 fundamental pillars of Islam that is mandatory for a Muslim to abide by.

    They are:
    1 – Testify that “There is no diety worthy of worship but Allah (swt) & Muhammad (s.a.w.) is His Prophet and Messenger”
    2 – Pray the 5 obligatory prayers
    3 – Pay Zakkah (annually when it is due) 1/40th
    4 – Fast during the Holy month of Ramadan
    5 – Perform Hajj (Holy pilgrimage to Mecca) once in your life time (if you are financially able to with sound health)

    As you may already know, the Khilafah (Caliphate) is the Islamic state governed by the Law of Allah. The Islamic state has various responsibilities to its citizens, some of which include the most basic of things, such as security of property and life, to amenities such as water, shelter, roads and provisions for the needy. As a Muslim, you are automatically a citizen of the Islamic state.
    In some eras, there was sufficient financial allowance provided to all citizens, young & old, male and female.

    You are wrong regarding you statement that Zakkah is fixed and immutable and have completely over look the great social benefit. Yes the Zakkah is fixed (i.e. 1/40th per annum), but it is also only applicable with certain conditions. I don’t know how you could miss this.

    In the Islamic state the Jizyah is the only tax imposed on non-Muslims in order for them to enjoy the benefits of citizenship under the Khilafah and to be treated fairly while still remaining on whatever religion they are on. Without Jizyah they are regarded as non-citizens and are to be “deported”. So as you see, its optional. Stay and practice your religion in peace or pack up and leave.

    Please read more about this and keep in mind that the verses of the Qur’an have their contexts to which they apply. Quoting verses revealed to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) about how to treat hostile enemies (pagan arabs e.t.c. ) during warring times does very little justice even to yourself.

    The Revelations came to Muhammad (s.a.w.) over the period of 23 years, verses covering different issues. If you do not know in what circumstance a verse was revealed then what use is your argument? If you do not understand, ask, don’t simply flip through pages and quote what you find without understanding the wisdom behind it. Your doing great injustice to yourself.

    • “The great social benefit” of zakat? Despite vast oil wealth of Arab states and the existence of zakat, poverty is still rife throughout the Islamic world. Zakat gives some short-term relief to certain Muslims, but it has done little to improve the economic development of the Middle East.

      You call my statements about farmers “ridiculous” without explaining yourself. I am the one defending Muslim farmers, and you offer them nothing except dismissing their concerns outright.

  6. http://www.faithfreedom.org/

    • Thank you for the link. I’ll have to take a look.

  7. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the idea of “shame” for the Muslim mind. A Muslim thinks nothing of putting Islam as a religion of the state. He/she does not even think that this is an insult to anyone who is not a Muslim and lives in that state. A Muslim thinks nothing of requiring “Jizya” from any citizen of the state who is not a Muslim. A Muslim does not think that Jizya is an insult to any decent human being who thinks there must be Justice and equality amongst citizens of the state. A Muslim does not feel ashamed when he sees the Qur’an sanctioning beating women in 4:34.

    I would feel ashamed of myself if I felt or believed that anyone should pay a state tax if he/she had a different religion (or belief-system) other than mine. I would feel ashamed if I believed that a it is okay for a man to beat a woman.

    I am not talking about the logical or intellectual concerns regarding the points I mentioned above. I am talking about the “Psychological” aspects of a human being who believes such beliefs and thinks nothing of it. Shouldn’t such a person feel ashamed, and be ashamed of espousing such beliefs? A Muslim should. But, in actuality, he/she does not. What a shame..

    • Bravo, ar Rahman! You nailed it. I too would feel ashamed if my church imposed a tax on people who don’t attend, are not members of, and do not subscribe to the beliefs of my church.

      Thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment on this blog!

  8. Dear brothers and sisters in humanity.

    I am a Muslim. I will never be ashamed.

    Zakat is a concept that Allah ordains those who believe in Him (and He certainly doesn’t force you to believe in Him). Zakat means “purification”, it is a fraction of wealth that every able Muslim who believes in Allah is mandated to give away for the benefit of those who need it. It stems from the belief in a single Lord and Creator of a single brotherhood of humanity. Him being the true Lord, everything that we have is a blessing from Him, and He is the true Owner. Since nothing really belongs to humans then, the true believer in Allah understands that whatever he has been given is from Allah, and whatever he does not need is not really his to begin with anyway, and must be shared and given away to those who are in greater need of it. The simplest thing for you to understand would be to call it “charity”. In an Islamic state, the only ones who pay this Zakat every single year to distribute wealth in a fair way throughout society, are those who believe in Allah. But there are a lot of people with a lot of wealth sitting around, who do not believe in Allah, and hence do not feel obliged to share it for everyone else’s benefit, including their own. (Because the institution of Zakat ensures that everyone benefits, including the payer himself).

    Hence their being taxed causes no harm, but is only for the wider benefit of society, including themselves. Do you not pay taxes to your country? Or do you question, oh dear, how cruel of the state of tax you!

    And if you complain about an Islamic state fighting those non-Muslim citizens who do not pay their taxes, you should be aware that those Muslims who refused to pay Zakat were fought against as well.

    Another other reason that non-Muslims pay a tax is for security reasons. Islam certainly teaches us that humanity is equal, but in the real world, some people who claim to follow Islam may actually become unfair or hurtful to those who do not (in exactly the same way as Christians who follow Christ may start up hate-filled blogs and websites to create unwarranted and misinformed terror, despite the fact that the Christ never encouraged it). Given that ground reality, the Islamic state invests extra funds to ensure the security of the non-Muslim citizen. This is the other reason for the tax.

    Hence I find absolutely no reason to be ashamed. Would you be ashamed if your country taxed you only for the benefit of everyone in the community (as opposed to its current looting, theft and war-mongering, under the pretext of taxation)? Would you be ashamed if it used the taxation money for your own security? You should be ashamed that it does NOT. It lies to you. Even your health system sucks.

    I do think that those who spread hate based on misinformation should be terribly ashamed of their own acts of terrorism, of striking terror in the hearts of innocents about non-existent threats. Terrorizing people about something harmless, just to prevent them from enjoying the benefits of human fraternity and peace. How cruel.

    However, if you have only been misinformed via media propaganda, then may God forgive you for unwittingly deceiving innocent humans, and I hope my post was able to educate you a bit on something of which you clearly do not have the slightest clue, despite all your pseudo-intellectual quotations.

    • Taxes in the West are adopted with the consent of the governed through a democratic system. Zakat is imposed by religious fiat. Whatever problems exist within our secular tax system can be overcome by voting.

      • The only difference between “religious fiat” and “democratic system” is the labels one puts on it. At the end it still boils down to what you place your “faith” in. You take the idea of democracy as your faith. I assure you most Muslims “democratically” agree to the “imposition” of Zakat, and if you did a vote on it, the only ones to “vote out” of it would be greedy hoarding selfish capitalists, who in ordinary circumstances we would probably both agree, OUGHT to be taxed.

        To say “religion has no place in politics” is to talk from an uninformed point of view, one that that only takes into account Christianity, which is not (any longer) a religion that deals with the state, and so it makes no sense to judge another by your own stick. In this judgment, you forget the place of religions in human history. Judaism, just like Islam, has had an entire code of law as well. There are other nations whose Prophets of God, such as Solomon and David, ruled by the laws of God. Muhammad (peace be upon him and upon the above two) is not alone in implementing Divine Guidance to the legislative sphere of human life. If Christianity does not do so it is simply the way history worked it out, because the Christ did not have the responsibility of implementing laws at the level of the state, but of guiding the lost sheep of Israel as individuals. But others *were* given that responsibility by God, so there is no sense in defying that historical fact, particularly when you demonstrate next to no knowledge of that religion, apart from regurgitating media-inspired Islamophobia.

        Islam deals with every aspect of life, just like nature. Therefore it deals with not just the mosque/temple/church but with guidelines of every single aspect of human life, such as kindness between neighbors, social justice, political bodies, civil entities, economic policy, and so on. (On the subject of kindness to neighbors, would you assert that Jesus Christ – peace be on him – “imposed” loving your neighbor? Oh my! Neighborly love by religious fiat!) It is the mercy of God that He provided us guidance on how to live every part of our lives to be successful, to make our lives easier, and did not leave us lost. Muslims live in pathetic conditions today not because Islam did not provide them with superior means to live a beautiful life, but because they STOPPED caring about the tenets of Islam and no longer apply any of its guidance. If you doubt this, do some independent (NON-mainstream-media-inspired) historical research on one of the greatest civilizations in recent human history, when they actually DID follow the Divine guidance. Here is a testimony from a British practitioner of law who discovered that law in Islam is truly a blessing from God:

        I would have thought that the idea of a people happily paying an annual charity out of their own will would be appealing to a person’s basic morality. I never imagined people would open their mouths against charity, but you proved me wrong.

        Islam teaches us that God is the Creator, and He teaches us that His whole creation is His family, and whoever loves Him must love His family.

        If that to you is an imposition, that is just your take on it, and I am perfectly comfortable with it. I, however, choose willingly to live under this “imposition” of love, for the rest of my life.


  9. Oh one more thing. The reason Zakat hasn’t removed poverty is not because the institution of Zakat does not work, but because it is not the ONLY component of an Islamic economy. Another incredibly important component of the Islamic economy is a non-interest-based banking system. (ie. a non-exploitative free market system). However, Middle Eastern countries are NOT practising Islamic economy. The governments are corrupt, they only wear a faint disguise of Islam, bribery is rampant, and while people are paying Zakat, they are simaltaneously supporting the opposite of Zakat – ie. exploitation. So obviously it’s not going to eradicate poverty, because the ROOT cause of poverty (exploitation, aka interest and hoarding) is still being allowed to survive.

    On the other hand, it just occured to me. Regardless of Islam, this blog is very queerly timed. The current age we’re in is seeing a complete collapse in the interest-based global economic system, Greece is defaulting, the dollar is about to collapse, how many Americans are living below the poverty line… I don’t get it. You should have been trying hard to look at alternate economic systems in order to fix your own lives, because clearly the Western system has failed. But here you are doing the opposite, sticking up for something that has destroyed and sucked the life and blood out of millions of the people in the world.

    I am so shocked and disturbed that anyone could stand up for such cruelty. The only way I can soothe myself is to imagine you truly are ignorant and unaware of the things you talk about.

    • Anony, the caliphate prevented riba for centuries which stymied the development of modern financial and banking systems. That contributed to the relative poverty of the Islamic world to this day.

      Regarding your statement that interest-free banking is non-exploitative, be aware that musharaka home loans often end up costing the borrower more than a conventional loan would cost because of the embedded markups in Islamic lending..

      • World poverty began with the rise of the modern financial and banking systems. The amount of global poverty available today, did not exist before. You need to read a history of the Rothschilds and the beginning of the current global economy. It is in shambles.

        As for the musharaka home loans, most of “Islamic banking” is a sham. These products are simply interest-based transactions marketed with the name of “profits”, to cater to customers who try to practice Islam but don’t know better.

    • Oh I forgot to mention – if anyone told you democracy is not included in Islamic governance, allow me to inform you that you’ve been deceived. Democracy is certainly present in the majority of Islamic policy at the state level. But in terms of things as serious as the concept of interest within the vast field of economics, which involve the well-being of entire human populations (Muslim or not), I am quite happy that God did not leave it as an option for those who believe in His Final Message, since human negligence to such an idea can only cause catastrophe. (As it has already truly caused, and I hope you watched the videos I linked you to. There are plenty more out there if you would care to research. We should not be selfish enough to want to immunize ourselves from the risk factor of a transaction, because if not ourselves, someone else WILL bear that risk, and God is too kind to hide from us this fact, and allow some of His innocent creation to be destroyed and starved by those who couldn’t care less.)

      Also, you seem unaware that the current western interest-based banking system was vehemently opposed by Christians. This global system was started by a people who used manipulation to over-run the CHRISTIAN governments’ CAPITAL PUNISHMENT given to dealers of usury. It was only when our Christian brothers (unfortunately) lost the fight against these frauds that the western banking system took over. Do read about the history of Rothschilds, my brother.

      • Anony, you wrote, “World poverty began with the rise of the modern financial and banking systems.”

        If that’s the case, then why did Islam establish zakat, which you claimed is an anti-poverty program, centuries prior to the Rothschilds?

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