MB Report exposes Ikhwan’s money madness

April 30, 2010
Cross swords of the Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood's Seal

Continuing our focus this week on the Muslim Brotherhood and its financing, The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report has been providing solid coverage of the financial jihad of Ikhwan for several years.  You can click on any of the hyperlinks below to read their full original articles, but I’m also providing my own adjoining summaries for those of you on time budgets.  Take special note of the money laundering developments they’ve covered over this past week which expose the connection between a U.K. charity, Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brothers.

“Trade-based Money Laundering” Associated With Muslim Brotherhood. Yusuf Qaradawi, long-time spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, directs a worldwide network of Islamic charities known as “Union of Good.”  One of the member charities is the Comite de Bienfaisance et de Secours aux Palestiniens (CBSP).  The U.S. has designated the CBSP as a sponsor of terrorism that has laundered money to the Palestinian territories by delivering commodities under the guise of “aid.”  Those commodities are resold locally and the proceeds are given to terrorists.  Sept. 19, 2007.

Muslim American Society Raises Funds For Newest Of 25 Youth Centers.  A California chapter of the MAS (which is part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood) accepted $122,000 in “pledges” to establish American madrassas to indoctrinate American youths with a Muslim Brotherhood message.  Oct. 15, 2007.

Egypt Arrests Muslim Brotherhood Members In Plot To Aid Hamas.  Two Egyptian Brothers paid 20,000 Egyptian pounds to buy a remote controlled airplane for Hamas to load with explosives for an attack against Israel.  Apr. 29, 2008.

Muslim American Society Subject Of Egyptian Investigation Into Muslim Brotherhood Money Laundering.  The Muslim American Society (again, a part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood) was identified by an Egyptian court as the beneficiary of money laundered from the Foreign Relations Committee of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.  May 20, 2009.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt Will Prosecute Muslim Brotherhood Members For Money Laundering; Saudi Also Charged.  Egypt will prosecute five men, including one Saudi, for raising funds for the Muslim Brotherhood—an organization which is illegal in Egypt.  The men reportedly raised £4 million through a U.K. Islamic charity, and two of the men laundered 2.8 million euros to Egypt.  Apr. 22, 2010.

BREAKING NEWS: Members Of Accused Brotherhood Money Laundering Ring Said To Be International Organization Leaders.  London resident Ibrahim Munir, secretary general of the Muslim Brotherhood International Organization, may be one of the men charged with illegally raising funds for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and laundering them to Egypt.  Apr. 25, 2010.

Under Egyptian law, it is illegal for funds to be raised abroad for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Clearly, heaps of zakat have been raised in Saudi Arabia and transferred to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood for years.  It is therefore quite striking that this is the first time a Saudi has ever been prosecuted for breaking Egyptian laws against MB fundraising.

Kudos to the Global MB Report for staying on the case and adding layers to our understanding of Ikhwan’s financial tentacles.

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