Terrorist wives hit gov’t jackpot

May 6, 2010

Let the welfare money flow because any good Muslim wife would never, ever, do anything to fund her husband’s jihad against the West, right?  At least according to a European court.  Check out this Apr. 30 article from The Sun via The Taxpayers’ Alliance (a group which is also quoted in the article):

The Sun: ‘Terror’ families’ benefits victory

EU judges yesterday ruled it ILLEGAL for Britain to slap restrictions on benefits for families of terror suspects.

The controversial decision gives the families full access to state handouts worth tens of thousands of pounds a year.

It is a damaging blow to Britain’s war on terrorism and violent extremists.

The ruling came after the wives of three suspects linked to Osama Bin Laden, al-Qaeda and the Taliban launched a legal challenge. Under current rules the Treasury can impose strict limits on how benefits are paid to families of suspects.

They can order that a suspect’s wife can only withdraw £10 or £15 a week in cash for each family member. Other payments can only be made via a debit card.

Families can also be ordered to give Treasury officials a detailed breakdown of how they spend their benefits. The restrictions target the spouses of people on the United Nation’s list of suspects who have had their bank accounts and assets frozen.

But the European Court of Justice sparked uproar yesterday by saying Britain’s rules broke EU law.

The judges ruled: “The regulation ordering funds to be frozen applies only to assets that can be used to support terrorist activities.” They said benefits money was intended to meet “vital needs”.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance said the EU move “undermined” the UK justice system’s authority. The Treasury “noted” the ruling. The case will return to the UK Supreme Court for a final ruling.


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