Unoriginal media copycat party line

May 21, 2010

This time it’s CNN.  The remnants of the mainstream media tell you two things about the financing of terrorism today:  1) that the U.S. Treasury Department drained Al Qaeda of its money, and 2) that Saudi Arabia is “cooperating.”  And usually whenever they tell you that, Treasury official David S. Cohen usually features in the story.

For the record once again, it was the U.S. military and Iraqi leaders that sent Al Qaeda howling out of Iraq and into the poorhouse.  And “evidence” of Saudi cooperation is limited to public statements, meager proof, and multiple examples of Saudi duplicity.

From the introductory paragraphs of CNN’s “Security Brief”:

The U.S. Treasury Department may not have drones, but don’t underestimate the power of the pen in the battle with al Qaeda. Persistent pressure on the group’s sources of money over the past few years has left it “in significant financial distress,” says US Assistant Treasury Secretary David Cohen. “And we are urgently working to make it worse.”

The Taliban, funded by the multi-billion dollar heroin trade, are a different proposition, admits Cohen. He says they are not experiencing “much financial stress” and have the funding they need to buy allegiance and hold territory – and challenge American objectives in Afghanistan (more on the Taliban in Part 2 of this series.)

Cohen’s job includes choking off the money supply to an array of terror groups. To that end, he spends plenty of time trying to persuade other governments – especially in the Gulf – to tighten their financial controls. Cohen is pleased with the contribution that Saudi Arabia – once the largest source of funds for al Qaeda – has made. For example, the Saudi central bank now has to approve transactions between accounts of more than $15,000…

With an opening like that, CNN joins UPI, Deutsche Welle, and Forbes for the media’s ongoing terror finance puppet show.  The rest of the story gets marginally better, even acknowledging (very briefly) zakat and hawala.

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