God’s wheat

May 30, 2010
Charsadda farmers enjoy bumber crop

Smile while you can, farmers. The jihadi taxman cometh.

You didn’t just think that Islam’s 10 percent ushr tax on harvests was being collected from opium yields, did you?  Bring the dues thereof on the day of harvest.  That’s what the Koran says (6:142).  And jihadists say it, too.  Remarkable similarity, wouldn’t you say?

This news from the Daily Times on May 16 about ushr collections on wheat harvests by jihadists (separate from Pakistan’s government imposed ushr) against Charsadda farmers is par for the course.

PESHAWAR: The Amn Tehreek (Peace Movement) on Saturday demanded Rs 3 million in compensation for the martyrs of Swat Qaumi Amn Jirga and the Amn Lashkar.

The Amn Tehreek made the demand in a Steering Committee meeting held in Peshawar, which was presided over by Steering Committee member Shamim Shahid. The Peshawar Press Club president, Amn Tehreek Convener Idrees Kamal, Dr Said Alam Mahsud, Mukhtar Bacha, Shahab Khattak advocate, Hameedullah Zahid, Ijaz Durrani and others participated in the meeting.

In a press statement, the Amn Tehreek said, the security situation of Malakand division, Swat, Buner and Dir was discussed in detail. Participants at the meeting expressed concern for the life and property of the locals in the aforementioned areas. In Buner, the participants observed, the security situation was anything but satisfactory, as the entire population of the district continued to live in tense circumstances.

The situation in Charsadda was also discussed in detail. The participants said that militants belonging to different jihadi organisations were forcibly collecting ‘wheat’ from the locals in the name of “zakat and ushr’. The wheat could be used by militants to buy arms and ammunition, they added. The meeting also condemned certain parts of the media for favouring extremism.

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