Orphanage fraud

July 8, 2010

Leapin’ lizards!  Who could be opposed to helping the poor little orphans?

A future martyr for a Muslim Palestine

Sponsor a child...to kill Jews

I wouldn’t be opposed, as long as we’re really helping them—not radicalizing them.  Unfortunately, all too often orphanages and claims of raising funds to help orphans in the Middle East are used as cover to funnel money into terrorist operations and indoctrination.

In his 2004 article, “Hamas from Cradle to Grave,” (Middle East Quarterly) Matthew Levitt pointed out several fraudulent aspects to Hamas “orphanages”:

  1.  “[T]here is ample evidence for the role of Hamas social institutions in the terror activities directed and authorized by Hamas leaders and commanders. Inside the Palestinian territories, the battery of mosques, schools, orphanages, summer camps, and sports leagues are integral parts of an overarching apparatus. They engage in incitement, recruitment, and logistical and operational support for weapons smuggling, reconnaissance, and suicide bombings. They provide day jobs for field commanders and shelter fugitive operatives. They socialize even the youngest children to aspire to die as martyrs.”
  2. “In the wake of a series of suicide attacks in February-March 1996, then-prime minister Shimon Peres told the Israeli Knesset (parliament): ‘Hamas has established charitable organizations in order to camouflage its true nature. These charitable organizations raise funds abroad, supposedly to aid orphans, but in fact they use the contributions to purchase explosives.’”
  3. “Khalil ‘Ali Rashad Dar Rashad, an associated member of the Orphan Care Association in Bethlehem, was known to provide shelter and assistance to Hamas fugitives, including Hamas bomb maker Muhi ad-Din ash-Sharif and Hasan Salamah, the commander behind the string of suicide bus bombings in February-March 1996.”

Levitt also discusses Hamas’s “incitement machine” that indoctrinates even kindergartners on the virtues of martyrdom, leading to a rate of 73 percent of youngsters wishing to become martyrs.


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