Speaker praises “key role” of khums in “jihadi movements”

July 11, 2010

The Ahlul Bait Foundation of South Africa, an umbrella Shia group, hosted Moulana Sayed Aftab Haider in 2007 to lecture their members in an ongoing effort to explain, expand, and export the 20 percent khums tax throughout the world.  The full four-part lecture series is available on their website, but as a service to our readers I’ve culled this four minute excerpt.

What the lecturer is saying is that khums is not charity, that the clergy can spend it any way that darn well please, and that khums is essential to the survival, independence, and propagation of Shia Islam.  Fans of the Iranian Revolution love the khums because it enriched the mullahs and enabled them to take over the country.  Hardcore Shias see Sunni clergy, like Saudi Arabia’s, as illegitimate because they’re funded by the state.

Pay close attention to Moulana Sayed Aftab Haider’s comments that (starting at 42 sec.) “The very survival of Shia [then a dramatic pause] in history greatly depends on this institution of khums” and (starting at 2 min. 31 sec.) “In those jihadi movementskhums played a key role in financing them.”

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