Ex-UoG charity plots new Gaza flotilla

July 13, 2010
Show Palestinian orphans you care

Image from Interpal’s 2008 photo gallery online

Remember how Hamas exploits orphans by using them as cover to raise funds in the West then funneling the money to bomb-makers?  Hmm…

Interpal is an organization that used to be a member of Yusuf Qaradawi’s notorious “Union of Good” Hamas-funding network.  The Global MB Daily Report describes a recent meeting between Interpal and United Nations representatives to arrange for another flotilla to Gaza:

The UK charity INTERPAL has reported that its trustees took part in a meeting with a UN official and others to discuss a proposed European convoy taking medical aid to Gaza. According to the report:

On 21 June a constructive meeting took place in Cairo between Interpal Trustees, a representative of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and other NGOs to discuss the practical aspects of facilitating the entry of a European convoy taking medical aid to the Gaza Strip through Egypt. The convoy is part of Interpal’s ongoing efforts to support the people of Palestine with desperately needed humanitarian aid.

Individuals of interested reported to have attended the meeting included:

  • Ibrahim Hewitt (Chair of Trustees, Interpal)
  • Oliver McTernan, (Co-Founder & Director, Forward Thinking (UK)
  • Dr. Essam Mustafa (Managing Trustee, Interpal; former head of the Union of Good)
  • John Ging (Director of Operations in Gaza, UNRWA)
  • Dr. Abdel Karim Bensiali ( International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Europe Trust)

INTERPAL is perhaps the most important of the charities comprising the Union of Good, described in a NEFA Foundation report

Interpal gives most of their money to partner organizations in the Middle East.  According to their website, Interpal’s biggest program is a child sponsorship program that helps hundreds of orphans… 

Unfortunately, along with whatever actual aid orphans there receive, they are simultaneously and inseparably incited into hatred, violence, and terrorism by Hamas.

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