Libya amends income tax, keeps “jihad tax”

July 25, 2010

PricewaterhouseCoopers has released its biannual update on taxes in the Middle East (see Zawya’s article on July 20 about the report here).

Libya, which operates a nasty little Islamist zakat system alongside its income tax laws, features in PwC’s report for several changes related to flattening Libyan income tax rates and allowances.

One thing that has not changed, however, is Libya’s jihad tax (which PwC calls a “jehad tax” to misdirect you).  What?  A jihad tax?  (Not to be confused with zakat or jizya taxes.)  That’s right!  Daffy Qaddafi has imposed a jihad tax since the 1970s for the purposes of “national defense.”  Individuals pay a 3 percent jihad tax; corporations, 4 percent (see also here and here).

Like much of the money in the Islamic world, it’s not clear where these revenues wind up.  The funds are thought to support attacks by Palestinian terror groups against Israel.

PwC’s report is supposed to help clarify tax rules for corporations doing business in the Middle East.  But would you really enjoy conducting business in a country where, on top of every other silly banana republic tax you get smacked with, you have to pay an additional 4 percent to pay for Qaddafi’s jihad?


  1. WOW, but why you need a jehad tax, if jehad is a internal struggle of peaceful community of Religion of Peace ;)

    • Good point! Now that you mention it, Puneet, I’m sure the money must be going to help people pray more to assist with their inner jihad.

      Either that or all Libyans are misunderstanders of Islam and jihad.

  2. Those not so clever accountants can’t bring themselves to say the magic word: BAKSHEESH

  3. This is EXACTLY what the newly formed United States had to pay when they dealt with islamic pirates/terrorists back in the eary 1800’s.

    Finally, President Thomas Jefferson dispatched our newly formed U.S. Marines “to the shores of Tripoli” (as part og the Marine Hymn) to deal with this islamic madness.

    Nothing is new about this religion. You must either convert, pay a “jihad” tax, more commonly called jizya, be enslaved and/or be fought/killed if you are an infidel.

    Islam means “peace” only IF (huge IF) when “one submits and surrenders to their allah and their way (sharia) of life”. Otherwise, there is NO peace.

    Never has…never will if muslims insist on following the life, terrorism and pedophile activity of their prophet that wandered out of a cave professing he spoke to allah.

    • The ‘jihad’ tax is not really the same as ‘jizya’ since the former is paid by all employees regardless of their religion, whereas the latter is a tithe payable ONLY by non-muslims in order to assure their protection (from dominant muslims). I know because when working in Libya all ex-patriates at sometime or other had to cough up 3% of their salaries or final settlements to fulfil this ‘obligation’.

  4. Thanks to The Religion of Peace and Women Against Shariah for linking to this!

  5. There is peace in Islam.

    But you have to read the fine print – it’s only for the dead victims of this sick cult.

  6. […] […]

  7. As an American citizen, a portion of my federal income tax is redirected as a de facto jihad tax when foreign aid to Pakistan, and convoy protection contracts to Warlords on Afganistan, free up precious clandestine government resources to aid and assist Jihad against the American Warrior Class. I can’t say no to providing the funding to buy the bullets that kill my fellow countrymen. The body bags are a cost I have no truck with. President O’Umma tells me we are doing the right thing. It is better to lose countless billions, and fill the veteran’s cemeteries with our dead, then to unleash, soon to be in the hands of the Pakistani Taliban, the nuclear capability of Pakistan on India and the surrounding region. A small price to pay to avoid a long, nuclear winter.

    • I should say a special prayer for the Community Organizer-In-Chief for Islam at night because he is preventing, through his wise and thoughtful foreign policy, a nuke from being placed in the belly of a cargo ship destined for one of America’a harbors. His policy of appeasement is without equal, and those nukes will remain nestled in their cradles until poor maintenance, shoddy technological safeguards, and providence render them harmless. (sigh…)

      • Beginning in 1971, some three million, that’s right, three million lives were lost in the war of liberation when Bangladesh fought for it’s independence from Pakistan. You can thank the 11 cents an hour garmet workers for the sacrifice of their ancestors by giving a little heads up everytime you snatch-up that great deal at WalMart, Kohl’s or the Banana Republic. Pakistan is weaker because of their sacrifice, there are fewer of them to fight over the table scraps in this region. What are a few thousand men and women of the Armed Forces in comparison to that?

      • Pakistan, and the Afgani Taliban, were partners in weakening the mighty Russian Bear. If was instrumental in fostering the economic collapse that this war had brought to this towering giant. Now it is the time for Pakistan, the Afgani Taliban, and the Ummah in Palestine and Iraq to do the same, to soften the economic underbelly of America and it’s Western European Allies, weakening it with the price of war and it’s foolish appeasement, the largesse it heaps on those that pray for it’s destruction. The land of the 2nd Amendment may prove to be a prize not easily won. The richness of it’s farmland and infrastructure too tempting to ignore.

  8. also american fund terrrist isreal so what if libya helps people in palestines

    • also american fund (sic) aggressive and minority bashing Egypt to a sum close to that which it funds *terrist* Israel.

  9. “also american fund (sic) aggressive and minority bashing Egypt to a sum close to that which it funds *terrist* Israel”

    Not only do you lack spell check and grammar check – but “brain check” is absent as well.

    • sadie, was mocking gummu’s spelling. surely you noticed?

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