Special report: Guyana Islamic Trust touts work with Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated charities

August 1, 2010

In 1838, the British began an eighty-year effort to move nearly one-quarter of a million workers from India to British Guiana (now simply “Guyana”) in South America.  The Indians migrants were mostly Hindu, but as many as 16 percent were Muslim.

In the 1900s as Guyana’s anti-“imperialist,” pro-independence, and pro-communist forces took root, Guyana began aligning itself with international troublemakers such as Iran—after the Iranian Revolution.  Partly because of its Muslim population, Guyana has historically practiced an anti-Israel foreign policy. 

Un-PC map illustrates ethnic groups in Guyana

1973 map identifies Indian majorities in coastal Guyana

The Islamic character of Guyana has been intensified in recent decades by the efforts of Sunni Arabs who have moved to, agitated in, and spread Gulf money around Guyana.  For more about the Islamist Arabization of Guyana’s Muslim population, see this Project for the Research of Islamist Movements (PRISM) report from the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center.

The Islamic trend has gained exposure lately because a former member of Guyana’s parliament, Abdul Kadir, is currently on trial for a bomb plot against JFK airport.

Guyanese politician stands trial for terrorism

Kadir (far left) at his trial

Adnan El Shukrijumah, the would-be bomber of the New York subway system holds a Guyanese passport.  Shukrijumah is the subject of an international manhunt and a $5 million Rewards for Justice bounty.

Then we have Imam Muhammed Hassan Abrahemi.  According to the Stabroek News, Abrahemi was “the director of the International Islamic College for Advanced Studies, a small Shiite school in Georgetown that received large amounts of revenue from the government of Iran.”  Abrahemi was murdered in 2004.

Guess what?  Kadir, Shukrijumah, and Abrahemi are all linked by friendship to Farouk Razac, a Guyanese Muslim who ran Swiss House Cambio, a money transfer (read: hawala) and exchange house in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana.  Family Security Matters described Razac like this:

Razac represented the Muslim godfather in Guyana. He not only ran an elaborate death squad but also engaged in such nefarious activities as money laundering, arms running, and drug trafficking, most specifically, the cocaine route from Guinea, Trinidad, and Tobago to Canada.

As a radical Sunni, Razac became affiliated with Jamaat ul-Muslimeen, Trinidad’s homegrown terrorist group, and served to secure funding for jihadi ventures.

Razac was killed under mysterious circumstances in 2007.

He's dead now, but Iran is still at play

Jihad financier Farouk Razac

With all these nefarious characters, the speculation is that the next major jihadist attack from the Caribbean will originate in Guyana.  The time has certainly come to take a closer look at jihad financing there.

The PRISM report on Guyana discusses the major Islamic organizations operating today.  One is the Guyana Islamic Trust (GIT), an aggressive player on the Guyanese Islamic scene.  GIT’s “social relief and welfare arm” is the Guyana Islamic Relief Organization (GIRO), whose name bears a remarkable similarity to the International Islamic Relief Organization.  (IIRO itself is blacklisted in the Philippines and Indonesia, and its central Saudi branch must receive approval from the Saudi central bank before transferring money overseas.)   

And who does GIRO partner with?  Let them tell you from their own 2009 newsletter“This years [sic] Zabiha project was implemented in partnership with HCI Canada, IRFAN Canada, Muslim Aid of London, Helping Hands USA, ICNA Relief Canada along with several local and overseas families.”

Islamic charity associations

Excerpt from GIRO's November 2009 newsletter

“Zabiha” refers to slitting animals’ throats, but that’s not all that’s being funded.  Here’s the skinny on GIT’s benefactors: 

Although some of GIT’s funds come from local zakat, it would appear that more of its resources come from wealthier American and Canadian Islamist “charities” that are associated with the global Muslim Brotherhood.

This takes FDR’s old “good neighbor” policy to a whole new level.  Not only are we allowing these rotten organizations to operate in North America, we’re allowing them to transmit funds to South America to further fuel a rapidly Islamizing population whose leading lights and politicians—like Mr. Kadir—are cooking up bomb plots against our airports.

Encouraging Muslim aid from the U.S. to the Caribbean and South America (as the State Department has done under Hillary Clinton when it applauded Muslim-American charity to Haiti), does not help the general population of those countries, and ultimately undermines their long-term security and ours.


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