Zakat by country

August 9, 2010

In his tax paper on zakat, Russell Powell provides this table showing which Islamic countries have mandatory, government-run zakat systems; which countries have government-run voluntary contribution programs; and which countries have no formal zakat system (but which would have informal, local zakat committees or similar structures).  Some systems don’t fit quite so neatly into the categories shown below, but this is still a helpful summary for reference.

Just remember, in Islam the only true alternative to paying zakat is the eternal fire of damnation…

Country Approach to zakat
Afghanistan No government system
Algeria No government system
Azerbaijan No government system
Bahrain Voluntary
Bangladesh Voluntary
Burkina Faso No government system
Chad No government system
Egypt Voluntary
Guinea No government system
Indonesia Voluntary
Iran Voluntary
Iraq No government system
Jordan Voluntary
Kazakhstan No government system
Kuwait Voluntary
Lebanon Voluntary
Libya Mandatory
Malaysia Mandatory
Mali No government system
Mauritania No government system
Morocco No government system
Niger No government system
Nigeria No government system
Oman No government system
Pakistan Mandatory
Qatar No government system
Saudi Arabia Mandatory
Senegal No government system
Sierra Leone No government system
Somalia No government system
Sudan Mandatory
Syria No government system
Tajikstan No government system
The Gambia No government system
Tunisia No government system
Turkey No government system
Turkmenistan No government system
U.A.E. Voluntary
Uzbekistan No government system
Yemen Mandatory


  1. Pair the [above] with BO and the Cairo Speech [below] and we have a Who’s Who and Where’s Where List.

    Obama is a burqa – a veiled liar.

    • Fortunately, when it comes to “When,” Muslim groups are still waiting on Pres. Obama. The president is a fairly slow actor (who overshot his own Gitmo deadline, who took a year to pass health care, etc), so hopefully he won’t follow through on his zakat promises anytime soon.

  2. Feisal Abdul Rauf and his all paid expense trip to the Lands of Zakat are being charged to the State Department. Last time I checked, the taxpayers fund the State Dept.

  3. The only country indeed that being recognized is Saudi Arabia as charity – zakat is concerned. However, the extension is needed to my county – Nigeria.

  4. I need a sum of $200 from islamic world of zakat.

  5. Asslamu Walakum

    Thanks for this post!

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  8. […] “Zakat by country”. Money Jihad. August 9, 2010. Retrieved 17 August 2016. […]

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