FARA and the money for the Ground Zero Mosque

August 10, 2010

On Aug. 3, the fellows over at Radio Jihad had a lively discussion about the refusal of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to acknowledge where the $100 million for his Ground Zero Mosque is coming from:

The audio excerpt above from their show is about nine minutes long, but here’s a little summary:  hosts Vito Esposito, Alan Kornman, and “Scotty K” say that the $100 million didn’t just spring up from “Muslims in the neighborhood”–rather, it’s probably coming through channels such as Saudi Arabia, the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Society of North America, the North American Islamic Trust in Indiana, and Malaysia.  (I speculated myself in a comment on Creeping Sharia back in December that funds for the mosque were coming from Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.)

Because of the overseas funding, Radio Jihad calls for Rauf to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (more on FARA here) and open his books for review by government auditors.  However, the talk show hosts predict that Rauf will fight any disclosure or registration on the grounds of constitutionally protected religious freedom.

The gentlemen speculate that at this point it will probably take political intervention from a higher level–such as Peter King, Newt Gingrich, Sue Myrick, or Rick Lazio–to put a halt to the mosque project until Rauf comes clean. 

One of the Radio Jihad co-hosts also argues that Mayor Bloomberg would rather have the $100 million worth of economic activity brought by the construction project than to protect the safety of New Yorkers.  He draws an interesting parallel between the current situation and the Late Middle Ages, when Ottoman Turkey funded German princes to stoke the flames of the Protestant Reformation in order to divide Christendom.  Today, it’s Saudi money that is being used to divide the West.  Take a listen!

All the relevant conversation takes place in the above clip, but if you want to hear their full show click here.


  1. The Ground Zero Victory Mosque is a well publicized example of a general phenomenon: mosques bring trouble!

    In Europe (and soon in America), wherever Mosques are built, the locals can say goodbye to their homes, streets, neighborhoods and eventually their towns: http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/mosque-blight.html

  2. I find it interesting that the US does not handle this trap, anyway you decide its negative publicity, this needs NYC to engage the full spectrum of discussing and sidestepping. The money will always be there, Brunei, Qatar, Saudi, Kuwait etc have all ind of front men available. There is no dominant muslim group at the NYC location, the ones living in NYC are already served, not really a surprise is it?!

  3. Interesting counter-strategy: build a gay bar for Muslim men right next door to the Ground Zero Mosque for in the spirit of outreach & dialogue:


  4. Relocate the mosque to a desert in middle east. Reserve 100% jobs in the mosque for muslim women who wear bikinis ONLY -including position of Mullas, trustees & prayer leaders. Open a hamburger & bar joint inside the mosque as a message of broadening Islams’s bandwidths to meet the expectations of kafirs.

  5. Muslim sects set on a well,
    Muslim sects have a great gall,
    All the Bridge-Builders, and all the peace makers,
    can not bring Muslim world out the the chaos….


    anyways, let me add.. that Rauf is visiting Middle East using tax payers funds… put demand for him to fulfill on his visit to Middle east.. he wants a Bridge builder Job, then give demands from our side for Bridge building.. which include Boycotting Mecca and Medina till they do not allow entrance for non-Muslims… till then American Muslims, who believe in Bridge building between Islam and General Americans can pray towards White House…

  6. WOW.. Ground Zero Imam Attended Hizb-ut Tahrir Conference….


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