Giving till it hurts

August 13, 2010

According to the Middle East Monitor last Saturday:

A British parliamentary delegation accompanied by aid workers begun a visit to the Gaza Strip today. Among the delegation’s members were Lord Raymond Hylton, Yasmin Quraishi MP and Mr Ibrahim Hewitt, Chairman of the Palestinian Relief and Development Fund (Interpal) and Senior Editor at the Middle East Monitor (MEMO).

The visitors toured Gaza City and viewed the scale of destruction left by the Israeli war on Gaza in late 2008 and discussed ways of providing assistance for the reconstruction efforts.

During their visit to the Islamic University in Gaza City Mr Hewitt said the delegation was exploring all possible ways to provide assistance.

Ah, yes, remember Interpal, the former Union of Good charity?  And Mr. Hewitt, the one who quoted the Koran 13:31 on the website of the Islamic elementary school he runs, then deleted the Koranic references shortly after I posted this comment on Gates of Vienna:

Ibrahim Hewitt is one of Interpal’s leaders. He’s also the founder of a madrasah in England called the Al Aqsa primary school. It’s website displays rotating Koranic verses.

The other day when I was looking at the school website it flashed up 13:31, “But the Unbelievers, never will disaster cease to seize them for their deeds, or to settle close to their homes…” On a grade school website!!

This MP/Interpal trip to Gaza and the announcement of £19m in aid to Gaza earlier this summer brings to mind a Dry Bones cartoon from 2008:

Terror finance cartoon

And Puneet Madaan sent in this moving video about the opportunity costs of providing aid to Palestine:

And this video about the new mall in Gaza (h/t BareNakedIslam):

This is where the trolls will comment that it’s only “fair” for this much aid to go to Gaza because Israel receives American support.

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