“A gift to the Islamists”

August 14, 2010

On August 5, Radio Free Europe broadcaster Daud Khattak predicted that the floods in Pakistan would become “a gift to the Islamists”—a golden opportunity for the militants to surge to help flood victims where the Pakistani government falls short.

Hands reach out for charity

Charity gives out wheat in Sindh province

Unfortunately, but predictably, the evidence is bearing out Mr. Khattak’s foresight: 

This problem will only be compounded as zakat donations increase during Ramadan.  More coverage on that score later this week…

One comment

  1. Thats the plan, Islam breeds on disturbance on society … it does not solve problem, rather it offer people taxes like zakat to wash away the guilt feeling they get after doing nothing about the problem….

    it is important to note that the flood, which on indian side hit kashmir and ladakh… has effected Muslim most at both side… and the foreign country, and its civilians that helped them most warm heartedly is… guess guess.. Yep, its Israel..


    am Yisrael chai :)

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