Charity with strings attached

August 19, 2010

BBC World Service broadcast a radio documentary on Aug. 16 on the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in contemporary Egypt.  It paints a scary picture in which the Muslim Brotherhood is filling the vacuum of needs unmet by the Egyptian government. 

At one point in this one-minute clip about a Muslim Brotherhood “charity hospital,” the BBC’s Magdi Abdelhadi elicited this telling response from a Brotherhood physician about what the hospital expects in return for their services:

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that social services provided by the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, etc., come without the expectation of the service recipients being “proper Muslims,” ie, good little Islamists.

Listen to the full documentary here.

One comment

  1. it reminds me of an old, but great article from Henrik R. Clausen linked on terror finance blog..

    “Generosity is good, Zakat is bad”


    its a well known pattern used by Islamist agencies in entries world.. they try to buy soul of a human, by crushing it under generosity…

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