Modern jizya table

August 30, 2010

Many modern Muslims and Leftists defend the “theory” and “history” of the jizya. At the same time they tell us not to worry about the jizya because they claim that it no longer exists. That is a lie. Not only does jizya still exist, but it often takes place around the world under government auspices. We’ve covered this many times on this blog, but it’s time for a recap:

Contemporary jizya examples and government complicity

Country Description Government role? Source
Pakistan Jizya against Sikh & Christian homes, shops, and churches “Government policies do not afford equal protection” to religious minorities U.S. State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report 2009: Pakistan
Pakistan Jizya imposed against Sikhs by Taliban, 2009 to present Part of a 2009 truce between Pakistan & Islamic militants Sikh News Network
Iraq Jizya demanded of Christians in Baghdad & Mosul N/A U.S. State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report 2009: Iraq
Philippines Tax authority offered to MILF Islamists Part of government proposed “peace accord” in 2010 Iran Press TV
Philippines Jizya demanded of Catholics in 2008 N/A U.S. State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report 2009: Philippines
Yemen Jizya imposed against Jews Jizya used as “bargaining chips” by Yemeni politicians Professor Adel Al-Sharjabi, Sana’a University

More coverage from Money Jihad:

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  3. unfortunately for the non-muslims, that were living in the middle east before it was taken away by force the majority were Christians. the Christians are considered dogs and secondary only to camels. beheading,stoning,burning down churches. they live by the sword and we die by their sword, its sad but we have let them and continue to let them.

  4. Can someone post how much it is? I am having a hard time finding a figure.

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