Muslim Brotherhood’s family ties to Mercy-USA

September 16, 2010

Ahmed & Iman Elkadi:  second generation Ikhwani

Ahmed Elkadi was the head of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood from 1984 to 1994.

As a young man, Ahmed Elkadi (also spelled Al-Qadi), studied medicine in Austria.  In 1963, Ahmad married a woman named Iman in Cairo.  The Chicago Tribune reported that, “Iman Elkadi’s father, Mahmoud Abu Saud, was particularly involved in the Brotherhood’s beginnings in Egypt and remains well-known in the Arab world. An accomplished economist, he is widely regarded as a pioneer in Islamic banking, which requires that interest not be charged for loans.”  Ahmed’s own father was also involved in the Brotherhood.

After their marriage, the Elkadis moved to the U.S. where “He was instrumental in helping the fledgling Muslim Students Association of the United States and Canada in the 1960s. He was a founding member of the Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMA) in 1967, which later became IMANA. He was its president from 1974-1975.”

Work in Florida

The couple moved to Florida, and Dr. Elkadi then established a clinic in Panama City.  Elkadi’s medical license was revoked for performing unnecessary surgeries without safeguards in place.  Iman herself was elected to the leadership of the Board of the Bay County Islamic Center.

But Ahmed fell out of favor and was voted out by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.  The Elkadis moved to Sterling, Virginia.  Even though they were no longer directly involved with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Chicago Tribune also reported that “He and his wife say they hope the Brotherhood succeeds.”  While Elkadi deteriorated from Binswanger’s disease, Iman worked as a therapist in Falls Church, Virginia, according to the book Muslim Mafia and a letter sent to Sen. Bill Frist’s office.  The letter included her credentials as a LCSW, a licensed clinical social worker.  Ahmed Elkadi died in 2009, perhaps after moving back to Florida.

Role in Mercy-USA

Although smaller than Islamic Relief USA, Mercy-USA for Aid and Development is one of the top Islamic charities in the United States.  Financial reports show that Mercy’s revenues are larger than those of the Zakat Foundation.  National Review Online found that Mercy-USA had changed its name after the 1998 East Africa embassy bombings after news accounts implicated Mercy in the attacks.

And who is listed as chairperson of Mercy-USA?  Iman Elkadi.

Chairperson of Mercy USA

Iman A. Elkadi

Mercy-USA’s website describes her as “Ms Iman Elkadi, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Private Practice in Tampa, FL.”  Professional listings in Florida also show an Iman A. Elkadi, LCSW, in current practice.

But nobody should worry about donating their zakat during this Ramadan to an organization chaired the wife and daughter of Muslim Brotherhood leaders, should they?


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