Murder for hire, Iran-style

September 24, 2010

Getting bored by paying Muslims to kill Jews in Israel, Iran is paying Muslims to kill Western troops in Afghanistan.  Remember, Iran’s economy is in the toilet, inflation is out of control, and Ahmadinejad has to tax the stuffing out of the local bazaar businessmen to try to shore up their budget.  Yet somehow they found the money to offer cash prizes to the Taliban for killing American soldiers.

From MSNBC on Sept. 5:


  1. This was expected, as the founder of Islamic republic of Iran had said officially… “We do not worship IRAN we worship allah, I say let this land “IRAN” …”


  2. […] we found out that Iran is funding the Taliban to kill NATO troops.  Now we find that Iran is also filling stuffing sacks of full of euros for Hamid Karzai.  […]

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