Islam permits robbery against infidels

September 29, 2010

It’s not just because we charge interest that makes Islamists despise our banking system.  Western banking and infidel currencies cannot be trusted because the Koran says so.  Some of us pagans can be trusted with a dinar, but most of us cannot be trust.  That is what was revealed to Muhammad in Sura 3, Verse 68:

Therefore, bank robbery, counterfeiting, bank bombings, etc. aren’t such a big deal.  The latest from Indonesia is further evidence:  from the Jakarta Post on Sept. 24:

An armed group held responsible for a bank heist in the North Sumatra capital of Medan last month has planned to rob three branch offices of state bank BRI in the province, three motor showrooms, a money changer and the house of elected Tanjung Balai regent in Riau, police say.

National Police chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri said on Friday the money collected from the planned robberies would be used to finance terror attacks in the country.

Bambang added that the group was led by Iwan alias Marwan alias Wak Geng, who has been arrested by the counterterrorism squad. Members of the gang came from radical groups in North Sumatra, Lampung, West Java, Central Java and East Java, Bambang added.

“Some of the suspected robbers are former thugs who have been recruited by the radical Islamic network and undergone indoctrination. They believe robbery is permissible if it is perpetrated against infidels,” Bambang told a press conference as quoted by kompas.com…


  1. So, yet another website spreading falsehood and hatred against Islam and muslims by twisting stories as they like.

    1. You start off with quoting the wrong verse. It is 3:75, not 3:68

    2. The verse is actually talking about the people of the book, usually referring to Jews and Christians in the Quran. The verse is about these Jews and Christians amongst whom some are very honest, others are not. And amongst the dishonest ones, there are people who claim that God does not expect them to be honest to the pagans. The Quranic verse says this is a lie.

    3. You highlight “They believe robbery is permissible if it is perpetrated against infidels” and give the title to your blog “Islam permits robbery against infidels”. The translation of the verse is clear. Moreover, if someone, muslim or not, believes in something which has no relevance to Islam whatsoever, you happily take the opportunity to lie to your audience, rather than telling them that this is not what the Quran says. Clearly shows what you are here to do. Good luck, you aren’t the first one and won’t be the last. Keep trying…

    Lies upon lies upon lies, is this the moral code you live by?

    • 1. It is 3:68 in the Rodwell Koran.
      2. The audio of English recitation is by Aslam Azhar of the Pickthall Koran. It has not been edited from the original in any manner. We know it refers to the People of the Book (in a derogatory way as usual). That’s the point.
      3. Since when is quoting the professed motivations of the criminals considered a lie?

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