Failed Bahrain coup funded by khums

October 4, 2010

The khums tax funded the Iranian Revolution, and if 23 Shia Muslims had their way, it would have funded a new Bahraini revolution as well.  This Sept. 7 story from the Vancouverite slipped by us, and is further evidence of the dangers of khums:

23 Shiite Muslims charged with plotting Bahrain coup

By Yehonathan Tomer

MANAMA, BAHRAIN: 23 Bahraini nationals have been charged over the weekend with belonging to a “sophisticated terrorist network” plotting with “international support to overthrow their government by force.”

Members of the all-Shia group have been in detention since August 13 when the first arrests were made following a detailed intelligence gathering operation by Bahrain’s National Security Agency.

The group is being prosecuted under Bahrain’s ‘Protecting the Community from Terrorism Act 2006’ with acts relating to “planning and executing a campaign of violence, intimidation and subversion in the Gulf Kingdom.”

According to Bahrain News Agency (BNA) the prosecutors named the Bahrain-based leaders of the network as Abduljalil Al Singace, Mohamed Habeeb Al Saffaf, Abdulhadi Al Mokhaidar, along with London-based Bahraini nationals, Saeed Al Shehabi and Husain Mshaima.

Among them are also leading figures in the Al Wafa Movement, the banned Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, and the London-based Bahrain Freedom Movement.

Other members of the 23-man network, picked up in the security sweep include academics, taxi drivers, civil servants, dentists and administrators as well as several unemployed receiving state benefits.

They are all part of an organised multi-tier network covering the supervision and planning of terrorist acts, through to logistical support and propaganda, the state news agency said.

Funding for the group came from three principal sources, said Bahraini Public Prosecution official, Abdulrahman Al Sayed; the misappropriation of ‘Khums’ – the traditional religious tax levied in the Shia community; a group of unnamed ‘charities’ acting as front receivers of donations and overseas funds derived from supported international organisations, and unspecified foreign entities…


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