Biggest Islamic Relief revenues from “secular” government agencies

October 18, 2010

Islamic Relief Worldwide, a major conglomerate of Muslim charities, receives funding from affiliated Muslim charities and by individual zakat donations.  But a review of their annual report shows that the largest single donors are actually government agencies.  Apart from one Qatari institution, the top five donors are mostly funded by Western tax dollars.

  1. Reach out to Asia – Qatar:  £2.7 million
  2. European Commission for Humanitarian Operations:  £2.3 million
  3. Department for International Development (U.K.):  £1.6 million
  4. United Nations Development Program:  £1.6 million
  5. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees:  £0.9 million

The largest donations from Islamic Relief partner organizations are Islamic Relief USA, Islamic Relief Deutschland, Islamic Relief Association Switzerland, Secour Islamique France, and Islamic Relief Nederland.  Malaysia was the only Islamic nation with a partner organization that came close to match the giving power of the West.

Certainly U.K. and European taxpayers must be delighted that their money is being used to propagate Islam around the world.  When churches or Christian charities in the U.S. receive any taxpayer money, it’s extremely controversial.  But Islamic Relief gets pats on the back from Prince Charles for their remarkable “generosity” and fundraising abilities.  It’s just that he forgot to tell us that it’s easy to be generous with somebody else’s money.


  1. There’s seems to be an element of extortion here with how this money is gotten. Islam has a long track record of extortion activities.

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  3. I think in 2012 there should be a nuke dropped on every single islamic country. That will reduce the stockpile of Nukes and rid the world of most vermin

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  6. Islamic Relief does not propagate Islam around the world, it has never been engaged in proselytizing. Your remarks are slanderous.

    Furthermore, whilst it is accepted that Islamic Relief receives money from institutions is it only because of the exceptional portfolio they have of delivering projects that have made a real difference to lives of people.

    They have the experience and knowledge to deliver a vast array of projects which is why the UN, for example, gives them the money.

    • Do you believe it would be bad for Islamic Relief to engage in dawah in conjunction with its humanitarian projects?

      • It would be wrong and they do not do it, unlike the majority of Christian charities

  7. Islamic Relief Worldwide has been awarded the runner-up in charity finance award 2010.

    Islamic Relief was chosen from a list of the leading 100 fundraising charities in the world, placing second ahead of Oxfam, ActionAid, World Vision UK, Christian Aid, NSPCC and the Prince’s Trust, among many others.

    Your accusations are baseless and not supported by the facts, you have you anti Islam agenda, i understand that, i don’t agree with it nor do I agree with lying to support your case

    • The post and the figures in the chart come from Islamic Relief’s own annual report.

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  10. […] certainly seem keen to praise the efforts of Islamic groups. Charities such as Islamic Relief receive tens of millions of pounds from the British government, the European Union and the United Nations. […]

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