Just what the world needs

October 24, 2010

A new, mega-Islamist charity.  Zakat as far as the eye can see.  All courtesy of Osama Bin Laden.  Here’s AP’s report on the release of Bin Laden’s latest audiotape earlier this month:

Actually, this is old news in many ways because the 9/11 attacks were primarily funded by zakat.

But maybe Bin Laden will establish a “new,” “charitable” wing for Al Qaeda.  Like Hamas has the Union of Good network.  He might figure that some dim Western governments will allow their own Muslim populations to donate to a front charity more easily than they can donate to Al Qaeda today.  (Again, just like Union of Good.)

Let’s hope that S. Leslie Ireland, the relatively new head of Treasury’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, is watching the landscape closely for any new Bin Laden initiatives.

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