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British Muslims are Taliban’s “greatest source of revenue”

October 22, 2010

Un:dhimmi ran a post yesterday entitled “Taliban: British Muslims Our Greatest Source of Funding” (h/t Religion of Peace) which includes video from an interview of the Taliban recently conducted by Sky News.  Sky News was told that the Taliban’s money comes from “community centers” and mosques around the world, especially from the United Kingdom.

To repeat, “We are not like a government, we depend on individuals.  We get donations from our Muslim brothers in Britain for jihad and they help us. It is the duty of all Muslims to pay towards fighting a jihad. And this is how we get our money and buy our weapons and carry on fighting.”

As we have shown again and again, Al Qaeda and the Taliban are not primarily funded by criminal activity involving drugs or money laundering, but through routine zakat ordained by the Koran.


Newburgh 4 happily accepted “jihad money”

October 21, 2010

A would-be Muslim terror cell in New York, the “Newburgh 4,” have been convicted of attempting to blow up military airplanes with Stinger missiles and Bronx synagogues with bombs.  From the Associated Press on Oct. 18:

NEW YORK, N.Y.—Four men snared last year in an FBI sting were convicted Monday of plotting to blow up New York City synagogues and shoot down military planes with the help of a paid informant who convinced them he was a terror operative.

The sting never put New Yorkers at risk. But the defendants “thought this was real — real bombs, real missiles — every step of the way,” Assistant U.S. Attorney David Raskin said during closing arguments.

A jury in federal court in Manhattan deliberated eight days before finding alleged mastermind James Cromitie and three co-defendants guilty of charges including conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction and conspiracy to acquire and use anti-aircraft missiles to kill U.S. officers and employees.

Cromitie and David Williams were convicted of all eight counts, while Onta Williams and Laguerre Payen were convicted of seven of eight counts. Sentencing was set for March 24, when the defendants could face up to life in prison.

Afterward, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara in a statement called homegrown terrorism a “serious threat” and added: “We are safer today as a result of these convictions.” He said the defendants agreed to plant bombs and use missiles “they thought were very real weapons of terrorism.”

Defence lawyers said they will appeal…

According to Doyle Murphy, reporter for the Times Herald Record, FBI informer Shahed Hussain had given the Newburgh 4 “money for rent, groceries, train tickets and cigarettes, carefully reminding them it was ‘jihad money’” to help with preparations for their terrorist acts.  The Islamists readily accepted the loot.


Treasury mysteriously de-lists Faraj Farj Hassan al Saadi

October 20, 2010

Yesterday, lumped in with a laundry list of Columbian drug dealers designated under the Kingpin Act, the Treasury Department quietly deleted Faraj Faraj Hussein al-Sa’idi (also known by five aliases) from their terror listing of specially designated nationals.

The reasons for the de-listing are unclear, and few if any media outlets have published any further detail, much less a proper justification for the removal.

According to Kufr Akbar’s Notes on Sunni Terrorists blog, Faraj al-Sa’idi was convicted by a court in Milan, Italy, in 2006 to a five year prison sentence, a conviction which was upheld on appeal, for membership in the terrorist organization known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.  Nevertheless, al-Sa’idi was never extradited from Britain where he has lived since 2002.

The U.N. Security Council Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee conducted a review of Mr. al-Sa’idi’s case and apparently decided NOT to de-list him.  The U.N.’s review was completed in January 2010.

The Brits give him safe haven, the U.S. removes him from its terror list, but Italy and the UN stick to their guns on this slug.  Here’s the question for Adam Szubin, the director of the agency within Treasury that removed Sa’idi from Treasury’s list:  what gives?


Algeria clamors to Europe to stop funding terror

October 19, 2010
Algerian minister for African Affairs, Abdelkader Messahel

Enough, says Abdelkader Messahel

But will the West listen?  Abdelkader Messahel, Algeria’s African affairs minister, says ransoms paid by Europe account for 95 percent of terrorist revenues in the region.

U.N. Resolution 1904 prohibits payments of ransoms, but imposes no penalties for entities that pay ransoms anyway.  Algeria announced at the end of September that it would introduce amendments to give teeth to 1904.

US HRC Ambassador Eileen Donahoe

Slow down, says Ambassador Donahoe

U.S. Human Rights Commission Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe objected to the African proposal during deliberations on Oct. 1 saying that the U.S. “does not consider the Human Rights Council to be the appropriate forum for such counterterrorism issues,” and that the wording of the text “could have been improved with further consultation.”

Regardless of Amb. Donahoe’s objections, the resolution was adopted without a vote.  The resolution itself includes no harsher sanctions for the payment of ransoms, but instead tables the issue for further study during the 16th session of the Human Rights Council.

Algeria is up on the rooftop crying out for help.  They’re not asking for perpetual bailouts like Pakistan.  They’re just asking for wealthy European nations like Spain to stop funding their mutual enemy of Al Qaeda. 

If it’s wrong for terrorists to fund Al Qaeda and the Taliban, and if it’s wrong for U.S. contractors to pay the Taliban, isn’t it also wrong for Western governments to pay ransoms demanded by Al Qaeda?


Biggest Islamic Relief revenues from “secular” government agencies

October 18, 2010

Islamic Relief Worldwide, a major conglomerate of Muslim charities, receives funding from affiliated Muslim charities and by individual zakat donations.  But a review of their annual report shows that the largest single donors are actually government agencies.  Apart from one Qatari institution, the top five donors are mostly funded by Western tax dollars.

  1. Reach out to Asia – Qatar:  £2.7 million
  2. European Commission for Humanitarian Operations:  £2.3 million
  3. Department for International Development (U.K.):  £1.6 million
  4. United Nations Development Program:  £1.6 million
  5. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees:  £0.9 million

The largest donations from Islamic Relief partner organizations are Islamic Relief USA, Islamic Relief Deutschland, Islamic Relief Association Switzerland, Secour Islamique France, and Islamic Relief Nederland.  Malaysia was the only Islamic nation with a partner organization that came close to match the giving power of the West.

Certainly U.K. and European taxpayers must be delighted that their money is being used to propagate Islam around the world.  When churches or Christian charities in the U.S. receive any taxpayer money, it’s extremely controversial.  But Islamic Relief gets pats on the back from Prince Charles for their remarkable “generosity” and fundraising abilities.  It’s just that he forgot to tell us that it’s easy to be generous with somebody else’s money.


Jizya curriculum at Islamic University of Medina

October 17, 2010

Muslim mouthpieces deny the existence of jizya in the modern world, and Western leftists either accept those denials as “facts,” or at best ask naïve questions about whether the jizya is imposed anywhere today.

As documented many times on this blog, jizya does exist, and it is imposed by individual Muslims, by organizations, and yes, even with the approval of Islamic governments.

But even if the jizya were not imposed by any Islamic entity today, we still have an endless supply of public statements and Friday sermons in support of the theory of jizya.  It’s sitting on the shelf like a loaded gun—a parallel taxation policy ready to be instituted as soon as the general public is made sufficiently tolerant of the concept, or as soon as an Al Qaeda affiliate successfully overthrows an Arab government and fully implements Koranic tax law.

One of the rounds in the chamber of that loaded gun is a class in “Islamic Policy” at the Islamic University of Madinah—a university that was established and is funded by the Saudi royal family.

One of the stated objectives of the Islamic Policy course is to clarify “the means and ways the Islamic State gains its financial resources, and what is related to it regarding rulings of booty and tribute (jizyah).”

Course references include Abu Yusuf’s Kitab al-Kharaj, which fully endorses the use of the jizya and kharaj taxes on non-Muslims to fund all expenditures of the Islamic state.

Another University of Madinah class about “Religions & Sects” provides “instruction” on the deviant “falsehoods” of Shiites, Sufis, Christians, and even appears to include the infamous anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, as part of its required reading about Jews.

The Saudi royal family is known to have provided faculty positions at the University of Madinah to numerous Muslim Brotherhood activists over the years.

The jizya is based in Islamic law, has been imposed throughout the majority of Islamic history, and is only strengthened further today through Saudi-funded academic instruction.


Islamic giving: grenades in Gujarat

October 15, 2010

Will the purifying, cleansing glories of Islamic “charity” never cease?  A Muslim in Britain set up a fake relief organization in the early 1990s, then used the donations to buy weapons and plot “revenge” against Hindus, and killed a little girl.  He’s finally been arrested says the Derbyshire Times on Oct. 11:

Suspect ‘used donations for bombings’

A Muslim from Bolton who was arrested in Britain used funds donated to a refugee camp to carry out two bombings in India to “get revenge” on Hindus, a court has heard.

Mohammed Hanif Umerji Patel had a prominent role in setting up a refugee camp for Muslims made homeless during religious unrest in Surat, Gujarat, India, in 1992.

An extradition hearing at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court was told that Patel and three others decided to use the funds donated to carry out two blasts in 1993.

An eight-year-old schoolgirl was killed and many other people injured during the two grenade attacks in Surat – the first on a busy bazaar and the second on a crowded railway platform.

Patel, known as Tiger Hanif, was wanted by police around the world for 17 years before he was traced to a grocery store in Bolton, Lancashire, by Scotland Yard investigators earlier this year.

The Indian authorities want Patel, of Astley Street, Bolton, extradited to face allegations of conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause an explosion.

Prosecutor Clare Montgomery QC said: “This defendant took a prominent role in setting up a refugee camp for Muslim refugees. The refugee camp had a fund that was set up to collect donations and it was agreed by this defendant and three other witnesses that the fund would be employed to buy weapons”…