One million dirhams in zakat bribes

November 7, 2010

The only time zakat can be given to non-Muslims is for the purposes of paying them to convert to Islam.  Understandably, slick Muslim spokesmen in the West don’t like to advertise that because it highlights the discrimination and bribery inherent in zakat.  But occasionally you find examples such as an item in August from UAE’s The National:

ABU DHABI // One hundred new converts to Islam will each receive an equal share of Dh1 million donated by the Zakat Fund. Zakat, the third pillar of Islam, is a mandatory tax for every Muslim who is financially able to contribute. It is calculated at 2.5 per cent of financial assets, but has different rates for a variety of other sources of wealth, such as livestock and minerals.

New converts are one of eight broad categories defined as deserving recipients of zakat in Islam. “It is our duty as Muslims to encourage and support those who embrace Islam to help show them the right way of life and to encourage them [to] learn more about their religion and how to behave like real Muslims,” said Abdullah al Muhairi, the fund’s secretary general, in a statement yesterday. “Supporting those who have recently converted to Islam strengthens the feeling of brotherhood, justice and equality among Muslims,” he added.

The Zakat Fund was established in 2003 by Sheikh Zayed, the late founder of the UAE. The fund recently set a record target of Dh72million for zakat revenues in the month of Ramadan, after announcing that its revenues in the first half of 2010 had doubled compared to the same period in 2009. The fund maintains that the increase in revenues is a result of greater transparency in the handling of zakat finances.

In its own press release, the Zakat Fund said, “The newly Islam converts are one of eight categories specified by the Holy Quran and the Islamic Shari’ah to deserve being given Zakat money.”

In this manner, the Zakat Fund validates the “eight categories” of zakat recipients.  Some Islamic charities don’t like mentioning the eight categories because we know that the mujahideen count as one of those categories, but the Zakat Fund doesn’t seem concerned by that implication.


  1. hi

    i know some of new muslims who recently converted to Islam and they are in bad finance condition, can Zakat fund help them?? if yes please do let me know imran@sn3tech.com

    i want to help them….

    • i m 23 years old guy.I have good Education.And i like to convert islam.And i like to come Abhudabi.After i can found some job contiunou my future.Please send details my mail.

  2. Converting to Islam is like trying to chop wood with the backside of an axe.
    Why would anyone want to back in time, to ignorance, group think and misery?
    That is why no significant inventions or enlightenment have occurred in Islam for hundreds of years.
    Countries afflicted with Islam live in sheer abject squalor.
    Step into the light!

    • It depends on whether the person’s conversion is tied to the positions of others and not their own free and independent thought.

  3. i converted Islam last year 2011 i just want to know what are the requirements to get aid from zakat and how can i apply for it.pls send me an email regarding this matter

    • You’ll need to look elsewhere, shehla. We don’t disburse zakat.

      • I want help

  4. do i get financial help if i get converted to islam.

  5. By my own faith and will, I reverted back to Islam in 2010. After awhile, I was told that new muslims can pass on some requirements to get some share from zakat funds. This was submitted in one center for new muslims. It been so long and I have become an old muslim. I never knew how many years before it is granted for new muslims. Because everytime I call to ask the center, I was just told to wait. To my surprise, I am not alone and all of us felt ignored. We hope to hear from the right contact person because we believe it is not just a publicity.

  6. Due to the fact that I dont understand what was going on in my christiandom,I decided to move into Islam last year and my family has decided not to assist or support me financially.Please if there is little help you can render let me know.

  7. Sir i am sanuber from indus…. If u can give milliom zakar to non muslim then pls give little to me…. I am a pure muslim…. Allah has shown me this website maybe so that u can help me…. I kant change my religion and lie for help or zakat….. Mw its up to u weather u will help me or not…. I dont want too much …. Just want a happy and peaceful life with my husband and son…. Allah will see what u do…. U kant bribe others to change their relegion…. Thankyou sir. Pls help me

  8. i am converted muslim from pakistan due to accept islam my family left me i have three kids and i am going in age 34 i have no permanent job and healthy earning job my salery go back in rent and bills how can i start study my kids and some time i have no food in my house here in pakistan people are only by named muslims no one help me to being a muslim brother can any body out of pakistan help me my contact number is +923417212910 and e.mail is hamzakkkhan@yahoo.com

  9. i have coverted to islam and i need money to improve myself financiaaly…plz contact me on my no…9044072990…i am from india…u.p

  10. plz help me *00919319025504 (india)

  11. I’m sunni Muslim in myanmar (burma) Rohingya Affari country . help me zakat money please sir.
    CON: THIS Email please .

  12. SALAM
    PLEASE CON: THIS email

  13. Am new moslem ugandan all my family are christians but i seperated from it to islam all this long way am struggling to survive without it getting financial problems i handle them myself but And Allah has helped me to go through them my brothers request if there is anyone or organisation that can help me financially plse help me .971528053307

  14. Respected to all. Am origin from India belongs to Hindu Brahmin family , am struggling a lot related to financial problem , am just 30 yrs old and working in Dubai as with less pay. I begging since long back for some financial help to Hindu charities or some people but no one can Ready to help me so now I wish tht may be from it side u can do something for me , if any one can help me , I will ready to change converting myself to in Islam . Any one pls let me knw am in big problem. Allah bless u all

  15. I just want to ask I just converted in Islam.its there any possibility that I can help my family. If the government in UAE will give jihad.thank you.

  16. I have $8.56USD million dollars but where did i can help send by muslim and islamic fund if there is musliam chartiy or fund or masjid or school plz contact me us soon us possible with proff of ur honsty

    • Im sikander Sir, the only one in my family as new muslim, and really need money to run life happily as Muslim, inquire of me as u like to but help me with little amount of zakat, jazakAllha
      my contact nmbr is

    • you have a good heart In Shaa Allah that money you have poor brother and sister who really in needs they will receive..Allah bless you

    • brother/sister you can trust red cresent foundation..so that our poor brothers and sisters who really in need they will receive😇😇allah bless you and to your all family members..

  17. Assalamou alaykoum wa rahmatoullah wa barakatouh
    Que la Paix d’Allah, Sa Miséricorde et Ses Bénédictions nous accompagnent. Toute nos grande salutation et nos grand remerciement a vous .
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    Le but de notre association

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    Nous faisions des cotisations et réunissons avec les moyens de bord grâce aux associations voisines.
    Nous avons juger bon de nous adresser a vous afin de bien vouloir nous apporter votre soutient pour réaliser notre oeuvre.
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    Votre aide sera la bienvenue.
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  18. please help me for zakaat im in musthik for zakat

  19. Im a New Muslim since 1o years, a hard working guy, married and now son name Mohammad Bilal, financial im in crises, i need of muslim brothers only a once pls help me Allha will help you always

  20. Respected sir, i am newly Muslim.In my past except soul power i had everything business, name, family but now i left all to safe and to protect my faith. According to QURAN i changed my life and do NIKKAH ,i married with a Muslim girl after that i been destroyed by every one. my friends, family and business partner whom were christian abuse me destroyed my every thing in Pakistan and Dubai.. my wife and me spend 1 year with difficulties. now we want to stand up again we tried much no one there to support. people blame and dont believe. i have real documentation of my past and future what i explain.we just want to live freely respectful life being a muslim. we need your support i need financial help.please if you can do anything.ALLAH will bless you.
    haroon.sardar3@gmail.com 923105813145

  21. I am a Filipino, a mother of a Muslim Malaysian son born in Sarawak Malaysia and now in grade 7. His father died in 2011 and i do not know if my son Khairul Amir is the beneficiary of his father’s EPF. AS for now, i badly need financial help as I am a single mother and wanted to process the death claims in Malaysia but as of the moment i am at a loss of what to do since the relatives of his father did not even communicate with me anymore. Also now im back in the philippines and it will incur money again if I will work on claiming his benefits.

    I am inquiring is there is someone philantrophic out there who is willing to give zakat to my boy Amir, pls let me know asap. you may email me; maybe Allah has led me to this site because for the longest time i need a little help regarding my son. you can check out my FB venus

    lets follow the path of great wealth! i know i can stand up from this crisis and will pass your kindness and generosity to others.

  22. I am poor i need money zakat plz help me my id is jaffermalik709@yahoo.in
    Poz plz help

    • Salam sir I’m Shazna from srilanka last year I converted to Islam and married Muslim man.so I separate from my family and I start to learn more about Islam also I like to learn more and more because if know well I can pass it to my family (mother) if Allah give hidayath but we are facing difficulties My husband doesn’t have a permanent job . so it’s hard for me to study and cost of living l heard that you people helping from zakat fund to converting muslims and poors. So inshallah I hope that you will help us thanks. (If u need any documents I can send you) when you help poor Allah will help u

    • Salam sir I’m Shazna from srilanka last year I converted to Islam and married Muslim man.so I separate from my family and I start to learn more about Islam also I like to learn more and more because if know well I can pass it to my family (mother) if Allah give hidayath but we are facing difficulties My husband doesn’t have a permanent job . so it’s hard for me to study and cost of living l heard that you people helping from zakat fund to converting muslims and poors. So inshallah I hope that you will help us thanks. (If u need any documents I can send you) when you help poor Allah will help u

  23. Hello there greetings Mr Salam! i am Sura i am from Christian family and live in Ethiopia…i told mom that i am being a muslim..they think muslims are magicians and killers of innocents..they warned me not to enter our house…now i left their City for Adama City and i have even slept on the tree more than 5 days..i have a good talent of football but here nobody is able to support me as a care of football is very low from here…please help me to do anything muslims does…and also if you can it is my big pleasure to live only where muslims located Sir like some country in Arab…

  24. and my contact: suratamene@gmail.com Thank you alot!

  25. i m 23 years old guy.I have good Education.And i like to convert islam.And i like to come Abhudabi.After i can found some job contiunou my future.Please send details my mail.

  26. i need help iam suffering a huge loss in my business and i dont have money , if i get some money so i can help others also , i need money fro doing business and help others , please anybody help me iam from india , my business is in textiles spare parts.

  27. Dear Brother/Sisters Assalamunalaikum,

    Today Zakath not using proper way, if we use in Wright way then how come since so many years till our ummah is in poorty, here in India people spilt their zakkath and disrepute small piece so who collect zakkath he was waiting for next Ramadan, and many people disrepute Saree’s which Sellers Selling in the Name of Zakkath Saree’s Cloths,

    I am Thameem Basha from Chennai Tamil Nadu India, I need fund Support to Start Won Business, I am from Poor Family, I m not interest to go for interest base funds, I have total 15 years of experience in Marketings, my project cost is 2 Lac,

    Wanting for your Valuable Feedback,


    Thameem Basha


  28. Sir, I am sk soleman Khan I have very poor family belonged so please give me money for reduce my poorness

  29. I am sk soleman Khan from India, oldish, balasore, my account no. 50120376543inAllhabad bank

  30. Asalam o alaikum dear sir I’m doing job in qattar and I’m from Pakistan but I have a small salary in that salary I can’t serve my family betterly…..I have a wife and a daughter and I also have the responsibilities of my old parents on my head…… I also have 3 brothers and one ssister those are under education and my brother’s aren’t able for jjob …… my family is living on a rental home…… sir I have a great financial problems……. I see your website that give me a hope that may be I got a better help from your zaat box…… please sir attend my request I’m not telling a lie I can give you my complete address of my family so u can investigate it ……… now I’m in qattar and my salary is 1300 qattari riyal which are 36000/- in Pakistan currency ….. from which 15000/’ are gone for the rent of home and I also have to paid the electricity.water.gass…….etc. …… please think about me I’m a poor Muslim please help me sir so that in future I can serve my family better……… my cell number of qattar is 0097450181264….
    I’ll wait for you kindness.
    sardar zain ali

  31. Assalmoalaikum. My name Ehsan iwant to receive zakat .i wanat build a home for my faimly. Please help me .i cant offord my faimly expences because my low salry.when how i buy a hom..please any one help me i m so worreid..i praye for your long life

  32. I am jaifar from abudabi I want to receive Zakkath I want to build a home I am in rent house I am poor Muslim family person I am working in abudabi my salary is low please helps me sir contact number 050 5310175

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