Nigerians like Al Qaeda…will donations follow?

December 6, 2010

In poll results released on Dec. 2, the Pew Research Center revealed that 49 percent of Nigerians have a favorable view of Al Qaeda:

  Favorable view of Al Qaeda Unfavorable view of Al Qaeda A lot/some confidence in bin Laden Not much/none confidence in bin Laden
  % % % %
Nigeria 49 34 48 40
Jordan 34 62 14 83
Indonesia 23 56 25 61
Egypt 20 72 19 73
Turkey 4 74 3 74
Lebanon 3 94 0 98

Source: Pew Research Center

Considering the potential for Nigeria’s oil and mineral wealth being siphoned off through donations to jihadist causes, the survey results are foreboding.

The combination of Sunni Islamic fervor and oil wealth is what propelled the Saudis to the forefront of global jihad financing. Nigeria could be ripe for something similar.

When somebody like Ibrahim Babangida, one of the five wealthiest men in Nigeria, is a former military dictator and kleptocrat who devoted his public career to Islamizing the government of Nigeria, one wonders what he might do with all his billions

Nigerians seem to think these public robbers keep the money for themselves, but if even 2.5 percent of Babangida’s wealth is going toward Islamic causes around the world via zakat, then that’s nothing to sneeze at.  Now multiply that by all the mini-Babangida Nigerians who have money to spare and are in love with Al Qaeda…  Gulp.

Pew also surveyed Muslims around the world on their attitudes toward Hamas and Hezbollah.  Read about Pew’s findings here (h/t Religion of Peace).

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