Jordan puts money where mouth bites

December 13, 2010

According to the Wall Street Journal, Jordan has escalated its efforts to lobby senior U.S. officials to save Arab Bank’s hide from terror finance litigation in American courts.  For the moment, the U.S. is standing firm in resisting Jordanian efforts.

Wonder why Jordan is going to such lengths to protect Arab Bank from litigation over terrorist financing?  There’s a semi-official, almost understandable explanation that Jordan wants to protect the bank’s financial interests by reassuring account holders that information about their transactions will not be released to foreign governments.

There’s another possible explanation.  Jordanians enjoy giving money to Hamas.  They want to continue giving money to Hamas.  They like Hamas.  And they don’t want the money flow shut down.

Public opinion data recently released by the Pew Research Center (see here for our earlier Pew coverage) show that 60 percent of Jordanians approve of Hamas:

Chart on Jordan poll results

60% of Jordanians favor Hamas

That probably means that 60 percent of Arab Bank’s managers and employees approve of Hamas.  And they’ve been busy acting in behalf of their customers and their own biases.

Arab Bank transferred money on behalf of the Comité de Bienfaisance et de Secours aux Palestiniens (CBSP), the notorious Islamic charity in France, to the Ramallah al-Bireh zakat committee—a known financial subunit of Hamas.  Arab Bank also transferred money to Ramallah al-Bireh in large quantities from Jordan itself.  Arab Bank also transferred money from Saudi Arabia to the Saudi Committee—another committee established to fund Hamas.

If the Pew findings are any indication, Jordan may not be protecting Arab Bank for the money, but for the love.


  1. luckily majority of them are corrupt


    unluckily they sometimes do hire infidels to do the job..


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