Muslim Charities Forum bridges gap among Hamas donors

January 27, 2011
Founder of Muslim Charities Forum and Islamic Relief

Dr. Hany El Banna, Islamic Relief President

GEO Television reported on Jan. 22 that Muslim Charities Forum representatives from the U.K. visited Islamabad to be thanked by Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani for their contributions to Pakistan.

A line toward the end of GEO’s article reads “The forum coordinates and bridges the gap between charitable organizations like Islamic Relief, Human Appeal, Muslim Hands and Human Relief,” according to Dr. Hany El Banna.  MCF’s website confirms that.  Some forum!  Human Appeal International, Muslim Hands, and Humanitarian Relief Foundation are all recognized by Israel as members of the notorious Hamas-financing Union of Good network of “charities.”  If El Banna wants to throw his lot in with them, then his own Islamic Relief organization might as well be listed as a Union of Good charity too.

I didn’t realize there was a “gap” among the charities that are already members of the same Hamas network.  Thank goodness that Hany El Banna is there to fill it.

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