Italy embraces Syria like a beautiful woman

February 18, 2011

Move over France.  Syria has another suitor.  Italy has increased its imports from Syria by 140 percent since 2009.

The love fest might not be so bad if Italy were getting something equal in return, but Syria is importing as much from Italy.  Neither would it be so bad if Syria had solid anti-money laundering controls in place and could guarantee that profits from its export business weren’t helping fund the abuses of the Syrian regime.

From ANSAmed (with special thanks to GoV):

DAMASCUS, FEBRUARY 16 – In the month of October trade between Italy and Syria was at about 1.7 billion euros, an increase of 88% over 2009, according to the latest ISTAT (Italian national statistics institute) data available, reported by the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) office in Damascus. Fostering growth in trade between the two countries is especially an increase in Italian imports from Syria, which rose by 140% compared with 2009, and an increase in Italian exports to Syria, which rose by 55.4% on 2009. After 4 consecutive years of a surplus for Italy, the Italy-Syria trade balance saw a slight deficit of 6 million euros, a worsening of the situation compared with 2009 when Italy had a surplus of 195 million euros.

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