Muslim scams abound

February 23, 2011

Western crooks, including Christians, do lie, cheat, and steal.  But they don’t have a religious authority telling them that theft is a duty imposed by god.

Meanwhile, Radical imam Anwar al-Awlaki has told Muslims living in the West that it is a commandment of Islam to engage in a variety of financial crimes against infidel governments.  That includes defrauding the welfare states that play host to Muslim immigrants.  With that as a preface, here’s a round-up of recent Muslim financial criminals at work:

  • Two bank clerks plotted to steal £350,000 by using fake ID cards (Men Media, Jan. 20)
  • Ten apparently Muslim families cost the U.K. over one million pounds per year in outrageous housing benefits (Daily Mail, Jan. 29).
  • An Afghan woman living high on the hog in Britain was able to live in a £1.2 million mansion through housing benefit fraud (Daily Mail, Jan. 25).
  • A mortgage fraudster and Islamic religious teacher was able to acquire £1.7 million in real estate through false mortgage papers (Daily Mail, Feb. 19).
  • Fake orphan scam:  a Pakistani immigrated to Great Britain and claimed he was a poor, homeless orphan facing death if he were deported, but who was actually just staying in Britain to send cash back to Pakistan (Daily Mail, Feb. 21, h/t GoV).

I’m leaving out some other recent flimflams from Canada, Sweden, and the U.S., but there’s only so much blog space and so many crimes…


  1. scammers come in all forms don’t be fooled they come in innocent but they are anything but. by the time you find out who they are online……. its too late,,, your a played fool anyone who lies and cant be loyal to the country that gives them hope is a fool and if those countries don’t have trust in there own then step by step make steps to change it to what it needs to be,,, instead of sucking off the help of other countries and tear it down because they wont take the steps to change it. if they were as passionate about purifying a nation by building it up with care for each individuals they are at tearing down in the name of[[[[ god,]]]],, maybe it would have been done way long before now. its easer those to tear down then build up isn’t? maybe that’s why the reason to use god for a purpose..

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