Muslim Aid in foreign politics

March 29, 2011

The news and analysis website E-Bangladesh has uncovered more duplicity by Muslim Aid, a Union of Good (pro-Hamas) charity based in Britain.  While Muslim Aid tries to tell the public that it is a humanitarian relief organization, it is really sending zakat dollars to support a major Islamist political party in Pakistan.  E-Bangladesh rightly calls on the U.K.’s feckless Charity Commission for a renewed investigation into Muslim Aid.

E-Bangladesh, Feb. 20, 2011–Muslim Aid is charity based in the UK. It has sister organisations around the world. These include the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and Muslim Aid Australia. They are all affiliated to the Jamaat-i-Islami movement and give donations to the Al-Khidmat Foundation in Pakistan.

In February 2011, the British Deputy High Commissioner to Pakistan, Dr. Peter Tibber, visited Liaquat Baloch, the Secretary General of Jamaat-i-Islami Pakistan. Baloch also acts as the Chairman of the Al-Khidmat Foundation. Tibber told Baloch that he praised Jamaat for its social work through the Al-Khidmat Foundation…

Muslim Aid and its sister organisations do provide vital support to people in poor countries and conflict afflicted areas. That can not [sic] be disputed. However, Muslim Aid(s) support for Al-Khidmat is designed to increase the political influence of the Jamaat-i-Islami. It is also trying to undermine the Pakistani government.

The Jamaat-i-Islami movement was founded by Maulana al-Mawdudi. He envisioned a quasi religious/political/social party which would try to emulate the spirit of fascist and communist revolutionaries. The movement would then build a core ideology around Mawdudi’s interpretation of Islam. He believed Jihad and armed struggle was essential to give energy to his revolutionary programme which looked to overthrow secular society and replace it with an Islamic theocracy.

We believe that Muslim Aid donations should not be allowed to raise money which benefits foreign political parties. We believe that the Charity Commission should investigate whether Muslim Aid UK is in breach of its guidelines on charities supporting political groups at home or abroad.

Jamaat has documented links to extremism in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere. It’s leaders have praised Jihad and have also led attacks on minorities in Pakistan.

We believe the Charity Commission and others are failing to provide critical analysis and proactive due diligence of the activities and political associations of charities like Muslim Aid.

This group was founded to stop Jamaat from potentially defrauding Muslims, who generally believe their donations are going towards apolitical relief work.

Muslims are obligated to give charitable donations (zakat) as part of their religious duties within the Islamic faith.

We also state that Muslim Aid must be honest and tell donors that it gives money to the Al-Khidmat Foundation, which is part of a foreign political party.


  1. Muslim Aid should tell its donors it is affiliated with the Jamaat-i-Islami
  2. Muslim Aid must follow the Charity Commissions guidelines on promoting political parties at home and abroad.
  3. We believe the Charity Commission and others are failing to protect donors by not actively investigating charities with foreign political links.

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  1. Global Aid
    One of the primary aims of Global Aid Trust is to achieve maximum literacy among the poorer sections of communities. In doing so, Global Aid Trust also has a special focus on educating women in third world countries, in both theological and general education

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