Young French Muslim revivalists push zakat

March 30, 2011

Union des jeunes musulmans (UJM), or the Union of Muslim Youth, is a French organization created by second generation Muslims who didn’t care so much about the cultural traditions of their parents’ home countries (or of France’s traditions for that matter) as they cared about a renewed Islamic religiosity.  UJM was created with the blessing of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF).  UJM has also supported Hamas donor Tariq Ramadan’s presence in France (see here).

Now the UJM is busy at work creating a new generation of zakat-givers, which is certainly only for benign humanitarian purposes, no?  From Ahlul Bayt News Agency on Mar. 1:

An educational workshop on the concept of Zakat (alms giving) for Muslim children has been underway since February 28 at Tawheed Islamic Center in Lyon, France.

According to the website of the union, it has been organized by the Union of Muslim Youth (UJM).

Children’s questions on Zakat will be answered during the educational sessions which will continue until March 5.

The union was established in 1987 in Lyon by a group of French Muslim youth and Muslim citizens to introduce the true image of Islam and defend religious identity of the Muslims of the country.

Most of the activities of the union include religious, social and cultural programs such as holding courses on Arabic language and Islamic teachings as well as make up classes for Muslim students, organizing programs on various religious occasions, and holding Islamic forums.

Remember, the Koran 9:60 mandates that the mujahideen, the holy warriors of Islam, are eligible recipients of zakat.

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