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Poor waiting for zakat since 2009

March 14, 2011

The Express Tribune reveals that thousands of Punjabi families have been waiting on the local zakat committee for over a year to distribute funds to widows, students, and the poor.  It’s another reminder that even when zakat is theoretically used for legitimate purposes, the corruption, lackluster accounting, cronyism, and ineffectiveness of zakat systems as a poverty-fighting model are remarkable.

More zakat, more poverty.  Read it all:

LAHORE: Over 200,000 families in Punjab have been waiting to receive financial help in the form of Zakat for the past one year, The Express Tribune has learnt.

The delay has been caused due to political disharmony between the coalition partners over the formation of district Zakat councils. The Punjab Ombudsman also wrote letter to the Punjab chief minister after it received thousands of complaints and directed the provincial government to constitute the District Zakat and Ushr Committee (DZUC) as early as possible for smooth and timely disbursement of Zakat.

District committees were last constituted in November 2007 and completed their tenure in October 2010 but disbursement of Zakat has been pending since 2009.

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Terror donations followed laws of Allah

March 13, 2011

The court defense of two terrorist financiers in Indonesia show that they are true believers in the rewards of the money jihad.

Donors behind Abu Bakar Bashir’s funding operation for a terrorist training camp say that they were making their donations in order to obtain “rewards from Allah.”

Their actions were perfectly legal, even required, within the context of sharia law.  Remember what the profiteer Muhammad said, “The warrior gets his reward, and the one who equips him gets his own reward and that of the warrior” (Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 14 No. 2520).  The jihadist financier is doubly blessed, and these two defendants believe it to their core.

From the Jakarta Globe on Mar. 9 (h/t RoP):

Two men accused of channeling funds to firebrand cleric Abu Bakar Bashir to set up a paramilitary camp in Aceh firmly maintained their innocence in two separate hearings at the South Jakarta District Court on Tuesday.

Defendant Abdul Haris, aka Haris Amir Falah, the leader of the Jakarta branch of Jemaah Anshorut Tauhid, an Islamic organization founded by Bashir, and Dr. Syarif Usman, who joined JAT last year, said they had simply made donations to a good cause.

Abdul told the court that he found himself faced with a dilemma. “If I move forward and follow the orders of Allah, I will be charged under the Anti-Terror Law. But if I turn back on His orders, then I have to face His wrath.”

He is facing nine years in jail for allegedly collecting money from donors and channeling it to Bashir.

“When we have to choose between the regulations and laws of Allah, and those that are man-made, any good Muslim will choose the laws as written out by Allah,” he said.

At a separate hearing, Syarif, whom prosecutors have accused of providing Rp 200 million ($22,740) for the Aceh camp, also presented his defense, insisting that his donation was based on Shariah law, and therefore, criminal charges should not be laid upon him.

“Who owns the land of Indonesia? We acknowledge that Allah has created the sky, the earth and all its contents,” said Syarif, who is also facing a nine-year sentence.

“As for this trial, it can deliver any verdict it wants, because my donation is meant to seek rewards from Allah.”

In their handwritten defense, containing mainly verses from the Koran, neither of the men mentioned Bashir.

Asludin Hatjani, a lawyer representing both defendants, said the terrorism charges were groundless because the prosecution failed to prove that the money had been channeled to the Aceh camp, which was raided by police in February last year.

In the indictment prepared by prosecutors, the two are accused of collecting the funds after Bashir allegedly told them: “We are launching a program of major jihadi activities. If you have extra money, you can donate to us and the biggest returns will come from God.”

The panel of judges on the case have said they will deliver their verdict on Friday.

A third suspect, Hariadi Usman, is also on trial in South Jakarta on similar charges .


Pakistan’s counterfeiting jihad against India

March 11, 2011

It’s not just a figment of the collective imaginations of India’s newspapers and Internet forums.  The U.S. State Department has released a report implicating Pakistan in the organized counterfeiting warfare operation against India and its economy.  The counterfeiting racket also helps fund terrorism.  From the Economic Times on Mar. 4:

WASHINGTON: India faces an increasing inflow of counterfeit currency, produced primarily in Pakistan, and terrorist and criminal networks use this money to finance their activities in the country, an official US report has said.

“India faces an increasing inflow of high-quality counterfeit currency, which is produced primarily in Pakistan but smuggled to India through multiple international routes,” said the 2011 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report of the State Department.

“Criminal networks exchange counterfeit currency for genuine notes, which not only facilitates money laundering, but also represents a threat to the Indian economy,” it said.

Tax avoidance and the proceeds of economic crimes (including fraud, cyber crime and identity theft) are still the mainstay of money launderers in India, but laundered funds are also derived from human and narcotics trafficking, transnational organised crime, illegal trade, particularly in endangered wildlife and illegal gems (principally diamonds), and corruption, the report said.

Noting that India is a significant target for terrorist groups, both external and domestic, the report said most terrorist activities are conducted by international terrorist groups and entities linked to the global jihad, with the support of both state and non-state external actors.

In addition, several domestic separatist and insurgent groups are active.

Terrorist groups often use counterfeit currency and hawaladars, as well as physical cross-border currency smuggling, to move funds from external sources to finance their activities in India, it said…

The rest of the article describes the State Department’s recommendations for the Indian government which you can read here.


Screw the sanctions, and the people

March 10, 2011

Short post today.  Economic sanctions aren’t exactly getting in the way of Iran’s nuclear procurement if recent press accounts are to be believed.

Despite international sanctions, Zimbabwe says it will sell uranium to fellow pariah Iran.  Read about it at Jihad Watch

Iran says it is, in fact, proud to be under sanctions by the West.  Meanwhile, suffering Iranians are telling their leaders, “We are hungry.”  Check it out at the Ground Report.


$340,000 bank heist by Hamas security forces

March 9, 2011

Or, to put it nicely, a “cash withdrawal by force.”

Hamas, you see, was tired of waiting on Palestinian agencies to transfer money to them.  That money is largely acquired through international aid, and it is not supposed to directly fund Hamas, though its eventual transfer to Gaza authorities guarantees would end up in Hamas’s pockets anyway.

But why run the risk of the money being transferred to the rightful recipient or be forced to wait on middlemen and the niceties of banking?  The whole anti-Israel jihad is based on theft, and this is just a slightly more graphic display than usual.  Hat tip to The Religion of Peace for linking to a related story and to Elder of Ziyon for highlighting this Ma’an article from Mar. 4:

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian governments in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are at loggerheads again after the Palestinian Monetary Authority accused security forces in Gaza of robbing a bank.

The PMA announced Thursday that all banks in the Gaza Strip would close following a robbery at the Palestine Investment Bank in Gaza City.

Authority deputy Muhammad Manasreh told Ma’an that Gaza government officials stole $340,000 from the bank over two days.

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Governor demands cash to spare church

March 8, 2011

A Muslim governor in Egypt has vowed to demolish a Christian center in Minya for people with disabilities.  His reason?  The Christians “stopped giving bribes.”  The modus operandi is clear.  The Muslim establishment demands money in exchange for granting “protection,” and at best, “protection” means allowing non-Muslims to survive as marginalized, harassed, second-class dhimmis.

The article doesn’t use the word “jizya,” only perhaps because the governor demanded a lump sum from the community rather than an individual poll tax on each Christian head.  This story is further evidence that the jizya is imposed in the Islamic world not just by terrorist organizations, warlords, and robbers, but by governments too.  From AINA on Mar. 2 (h/t RoP):

(AINA) — Christian Copts staged a massive demonstration on Monday, February 28, against the Governor of Minya Ahmed Dia-el-Din, calling for his resignation. The demonstration was prompted by the governor’s decision to demolish a church community center for the care of the handicapped, located in the village of Deir Barsha, in Mallawi, Minya Governorate.

Over 10,000 demonstrators, mainly from the village of Deir Barsha, were joined by Copts from the neighboring village of Deir Heness. They marched to the local council in Deir Barsha, holding slogans calling on the governor to resign and chanted “Go, go after your master [Mubarak]” and “We stopped giving bribes, so now you want to demolish the center.”

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Turkish jizya levied on Greeks in Cyprus

March 7, 2011

Turkish occupiers have imposed a modern jizya against the Greek Orthodox Christians living in northern Cyprus.  Islamic tax law mandates that jizya revenues fund the armies of Islam.  Accordingly, the jizya against Greek Cypriots is being used to fund the Turkish army.  Now we must sadly add one more country to the list of nations imposing jizya in an darkening world today.  Does this portend the revival of Ottoman jizya taxation?

Big kudos to John Akritis for translating the article from Kathimerini and posting it on his blog Hellenic Antidote on Feb. 8:

I’ve translated below a report from today’s Cyprus Kathimerini regarding the imposition of the Islamic Jizya tax by the Turkish occupation authorities on the few hundred Greeks who since the Turkish invasion have been enclaved in the villages of Ayia Triada/Yialousa and Rizokarpaso in the Karpasia peninsula. The funds are being used for the upkeep of Turkish army camps and the building of new mosques. The report also makes clear that provisions provided to the enclaved by the Cyprus government via the UN are being systematically looted by Turkish settlers.

Jizya tax on the enclaved in Karpasia
The Karpasia Co-ordination Committee has revealed that an Ottoman-style Jizya tax is being imposed on the enclaved Greeks of Karpasia by the occupation army and the [ultra-nationalist] Grey Wolves to pay for the upkeep of Turkish army camps in the region and the building of new mosques.

‘The Ottoman jizya tax [amounting to 10% of the value of goods or 10% of that produced] has been imposed on the enclaved by the Turkish occupation army and the Grey Wolves, who together exercise authority in the peninsular,’ a statement by the Karpasia Co-ordination Committee said.

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