HuffPost commenter denies jizya existence

April 22, 2011

Not that I would normally spend even one minute reading the perfidious posts, much less the comments, of the Puffing and Huffington Post, but this little item popped up in an email to us, and it must be refuted for the record.

In response to a post about “Islamophobia” by Mathew J. Creighton and Amaney A. Jamal, somebody dared to mention jizya, to which “Sonic Hedgehog” huffed and puffed, “You’re generalizi­ng and probably don’t know that jizya hasn’t been used in a country since the first decade of the 20th century. The largest country that used jizya was the ottoman empire and even they abandoned it in 1856.”

Later on Sonic Hedgehog dismissed the Taliban’s imposition of jizya on non-Muslims because the Taliban is not a country.  Well, Sonic, that’s very true.

Do you think Pakistan is a country?  The government of Pakistan struck a truce with the Taliban granting them the authority to impose jizya against Sikhs.  What about the Philippines?  They offered to turn over tax authority to the jihadist MILF.  What about Egypt?  One of their governors–not the Muslim Brotherhood–imposes the jizya on local Copts to date.

Then there is the separate question of whether Middle East governments are doing enough to protect religious minorities from the jizya levied by Islamist groups.  The State Department, not some crazy blogger, has found that Pakistan and Iraq have not done enough to protect non-Muslims from the jizya.  Our own coverage has exposed that the jizya is levied against Jews in Yemen with the support of Yemeni politicians.

It’s time to crawl out of the politically correct mental bubble you Islamophiles have created for yourselves.

One comment

  1. when its come to information and free coverage, then the people living in the most censoring conditions are far expressive then the free Huffington post with surrenderism, i mean Islam, in mind…

    here news coverage from Chinese News Channel

    and they even clearly mentioned here that jaziya from mughal period did continued since the Mughals in Indian subcontinent… be it in pakistan, Afghanistan, India or Bangladesh, or a state like Kashmir or Sindh…

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