Gulf-funded Kerala becomes terror hotspot

April 26, 2011

Kerala state in India is an importer and exporter of terrorism, and we have Gulf petro-dollars to thank for it, according to Balbir Punj, a senior member of India’s parliament.  Hawala is technically illegal in India, but hawala by nature is hard to detect, and zakat and cash smuggling are methods of transferring the money, too.  Is any region of the world safe from the sharia bucks influx?
From Express Buzz on Apr. 25:

THIRUVANATHAPURAM: Rajya Sabha MP and noted columnist Balbir Punj on Sunday blamed the opportunistic politics indulged in by the ”so-called” secular political parties for the growth of terrorism in Kerala.

He was delivering the 14th monthly lecture of the Vichara Vedi, Bharatheeya Vichara Kendram, on ‘Why Kerala a Hot-Spot of Terrorism’ at the Press Club here.
The senior BJP leader said Kerala has emerged an “exporter and importer” of Islamic terrorism.
Referring to the Keralite links to terrorism in Kashmir and elsewhere, Punj called it significant that the culprits were apprehended not by the Kerala police, but by the police and security agencies outside the state. Competitive communalism practised by the ‘so-called’ secular parties and their interference in terror-related cases have helped foment terrorism in the state. He cited as an example the unanimous decision taken by the LDF and the UDF urging the Tamil Nadu Government to release Abdul Nasser Madhani from the Coimbatore jail. The influx of large amounts of money from the Gulf region into Kerala was another factor in the growth of terrorism, he said.
But the nature of terrorism in Kerala was such that it cannot be seen in isolation, he said. “Islamic terror is global terror. You cannot look at Kerala in isolation. This has to be seen in totality of the situation,” Punj said.
He traced the roots of Islamic fundamentalism in India to Shah Waliullah, an 18th century theologist who proclaimed that Islam was in danger in India.
“For centuries, Hindus and Muslims had lived in peace. Shah Waliullah suggested that Islam was in danger and the remedy was, Islam can survive only if Muslims maintain physical, ideological and emotional distance from the Hindus,” he said.

The British also made clever use of this frustration on the part of the Muslim clerics to keep the Hindus and Muslims divided to achieve their ends.


  1. I trace the root of Islamic fundamentalism in India to ‘Great Mughals’, one of the person that stand out in list of Mughals is Aurganzeb, which Imperialist Muslims address as Alamgir (“Conquerer of the World”)…

    unfortunately secularist in India also adopting the same tone… rather then condeming Aurangzebs fascist dreams and genocidal goals, they paint him as a great conquirer…. it was Aurangzeb, whose missionaries had its impact in islamization of Malaysia, Indonisia… and one should not forget, that one of the trained missionary in Aurangzeb’s version of islamic, namely “Mohammed Haya al sindi”, was the spritual mentor and teacher of Al-Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabi Islam…

    so in short, if Aurganzeb was not present, perhaps Wahabbism was also not present today…

  2. oh BTW, did i forgot to mention ? kerela govt. thinks islamic banking is secular…


    Interesting to here is the effect of Communist-Islamist lobby on kerela is also ignoring all this, happening in kerela roads..


    anyways on February 4, 2011 14:05 IST, Rediff covered that Kerela high court cleared Islamic banking in india…


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  4. […] money comes from hawala.  Much of it is transferred from the Gulf (including Dubai) to Kerala, a hotspot for terror […]

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