Clinton to spend $25 million on halal food for Libyan rebels

April 28, 2011

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has promised $25 million American tax dollars for services and goods for Libyan rebels including halal food, radios, and body armor.  Meanwhile, the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and the leader of the Libyan rebels have both said that Al Qaeda serve among the ranks of the Libyan resistance.  The U.S. has pledged the largest amount of any country to a United Nations emergency fund for Libya.

Do you think the bigtime Saudi and Kuwaiti charities ponied up to provide wine and bread for Holy Communion for earthquake victims in Haiti?  No.  So why the heck are we bending over backwards to feed Al Qaeda fighters’ fundamentalist appetites?

From the Politico on Apr. 20 (h/t RoP):

U.S. pledges $25M to Libyan rebels

The Obama administration plans to send $25 million in assistance to Libyan rebels fighting the regime of longtime leader Muammar Qadhafi, the State Department confirmed Wednesday, though the support will not include arms or other military backing.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has asked President Barack Obama to approve the funding. “This is not a blank check. This is not $25 million in actual cash or money. It’s actually in goods and services that would be drawn down from items already in government stocks that correspond with the needs” of the rebel movement.

If approved, the U.S. government will provide halal food and equipment such as radios and body armor to the disorganized and ill-equipped rebel forces that have come together under the umbrella of the Transitional National Council.

The State Department sent a letter last Friday informing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of the plans to send the aid, which would come from the existing inventory and resources of U.S. government agencies.

Pentagon spokesman Capt. Darryn James said items to be delivered include medical supplies, protective vests, binoculars and halal rations. “We expect that most or all of these will be from [Defense Department] stocks, though contributions may come from other agencies,” he said.

Through April 4, the Defense Department had spent $608 million on operations in Libya, a Pentagon spokeswoman told POLITICO. If operations continue at planned levels, they will cost about $40 million per month, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said during a House hearing last month.

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  1. […] while Hillary Clinton feeds them special halal food and provides them with radios and body armor to the tune of $25 million in tax […]

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