U.S. Muslim charities gain foothold in Libya

May 2, 2011

At least four major Islamic charities based in the U.S. are operating or sponsoring relief efforts in Libya.  If these groups can truly assist refugees, that is commendable; but the origins, leadership, and troublesome links of these charities do not inspire trust and confidence in their operations.

  1. Islamic Relief USA will provide relief to displaced Libyans fleeing the country.  The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report says that Islamic Relief USA has a close relationship with an Islamic charter school tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Islamic Relief Worldwide was involved with the founding of the pro-Hamas Union of Good charity network.  Recently, a Department of Justice official revealed that Islamic Relief has become a successor to the defunct Holy Land Foundation in terms of funding Hamas.
  2. The Zakat Foundation already operates a camp for 200 refugee families passing through from Libya to Tunisia.  The Zakat Foundation currently features an article written by a Chicago-area nurse about her experiences volunteering in Libya, and a link to a WBEZ radio interview with the nurse.  The nurse’s name is Donna Neil Demir, and WBEZ describes her as a “medical consultant” for the Zakat Foundation.  Donna has the same last name as Khalil Demir, the executive director of the Zakat Foundation.  Khalil Demir was caught on videotape and exposed by Money Jihad for working with Muslim Hands, a pro-Hamas Muslim U.K. charity, during relief operations in Haiti.  Khalil’s name is also sometimes spelled Halil.  Real estate records indicate that Halil I. Demir and Donna Neil Demir purchased a house together in Oakland Park, Illinois, for $355,000.  It is not unusual for Muslim charity directors to hire their own relatives and put them on the payroll.
  3. LIFE for Relief and Development has deployed a “caravan” to rebel stronghold Benghazi and is soliciting donations of $1,000 or “other amount.”  Before meeting the end of the hangman’s noose, LIFE was Saddam Hussein’s favorite American charity.
  4. Mercy USA says it is seeking donations to help them sponsor doctors working in Libya.  Mercy USA is chaired by Iman Elkadi (also spelled al-Qadi), the daughter of a founder of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the widow of a founder of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Muslim Students Association.  The current CEO and president of Mercy USA, Umar al-Qadi, is a possible relative of Iman and another example of Islamic charity nepotism.

We’ll see if the State Department publishes a press release trumpeting the Islamic charities’ work the way State did with Haiti.


  1. […] U.S. Muslim charities gain foothold in Libya […]

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